To cite this article: Santiago García-Granda (): Writing science: how to chapter is concise and engaging and Professor Joshua Schimel. by. Joshua Schimel. · Rating details · ratings · 38 reviews. As a scientist, you are a professional writer: your career is built on successful proposals and. To be frank, books that emphasise the writing process to sci- entists are cluttered language of the scientist, to those written by scientists, By Joshua Schimel.

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May 17, Elizabeth marked it as to-read Shelves: The takeaways from the book are presented in sclence straight forward manner that makes it easy to start incorporating the advice directly into your writing, revisions, and editing.

These can include societal benefits, education, outreach, and a variety of other activities. The author provides with approaches to follow in writing journal articles for scientists and publications for general audiences.

Want to Read saving…. My papers have all been improved, and some transformed, by thoughtful and critical review.

This score is not really for the scienec officer, but sciecne the PI. In that, they are no different than Google, Apple, or Microsoft. Keep in mind that as a reviewer, you are typically anonymous. I suggest this scuimel to anyone who writes in the sciences.

The paper is wounded, but savable. We settled on a compromise: And I’m even willing to believe that an advanced writer can get a great deal out of thinking about what iosh of plot structures their writing most resembles. Proposal review is different. I had to develop a reference standard for what a good proposal looks like—the job gets easier the more you review 2.


This section of the review should focus on identifying places where you think the authors are unclear or wrong in their presentations and interpretations, and on offering suggestions on how to solve the problems.

It al Every time when I submit my papers, reviewers suggest me to have a native check my paper. But if you are doing cutting-edge work, you are not always going to be right.

Do those things well, and your reviews will be useful and appreciated. Therefore I would definitely recommend this book to read. If you think a proposal is super, why?

Worth a read, but I wouldn Schimel has some great tips for the scientific writer, but sometimes seems to contradict himself. Reviewing Revisions How does this advice change if you are getting a revised manuscript back for re-review? Functionally, this is a neutral score, not really arguing strongly either way.

Book Review: Writing Science: How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded

When I designed writjng class and set up the curriculum, I assigned too much of the overall grade to the exams. Oct 20, Andrew Childers rated it really liked it. First, remember that the editor likely received two or three external reviews that might have varied in their assessments and recommendations—editors need to synthesize all that input before making a decision and offering guidance to the authors. I definitely expect to review the recommendations of this book in my future writing and editing.


When you are asked to review a manuscript, the first question you must address is the triage question: Jan 04, Willem rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have more sympathy for this explanation, but only a little because this should have been easy to foresee and avoid. When a paper is submitted, the editor and reviewers must therefore do triage: Open in a separate window. I analogized that to battlefield medicine, where the first step is triage: But by definition, that would not be science—it would be science fiction.

Then there are the proposals that define Very Good: Very useful especially for early-stage scientists, but also seasoned ones would benefit from reading.

Writing Science: How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded

Broader impacts may be seen as an equal criterion because a proposal will only get funded if all of its elements are excellent. Writing Science is a much-needed guide to succeeding in modern science. To find out more, including how to control cookies, scisnce here: Parts of this book would be hard to use in the classroom–even in a class where students are doing their own authentic research, asking them to produce an earth-shattering topic for a proposal is scuimel.