Extracts from Arab Biographies by Ibn Khallikan ( CE). Ibn Khallikan undertook work on his dictionary whilst acting as a man of the law in Damascus and then in Cairo. From to and also after , he was. Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary / tr. from the Arabic by Bn Mac Guckin de Slane. Main Author: Ibn Khallikān, Related Names: Slane, William.

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They passed the night lying at my sides. I descended like a falcon, stooping down its dark head.

Ibn Khallikān

She reproached me with my grayness. See you khaolikan how they roam through every valley of the imagination, and that they say things which they do not perform. This happened in the year CE. Although only a few of his works are still read,….

Ibn K̲h̲allikān – Brill Reference

He then kha,likan al-Farazdak to quit the city within three days. And he is a trusty messenger—. In he was dismissed. Abu Nuwas Ibn Hani. He was liberal and brave, and held—by the nobleness of his family and character—a high rank in his tribe, which was that of Kushair.

How rich that land in prospects which delight the eye and of which the colors are charming. Authors born between and CE.

Ibn Khallikan’s Biographical Dictionary, Volumes 1 and 2

A girl, who heard him say this, exclaimed: And I passed it in breaking open the seals. And prohibitions simply make me persevere. Her two long ringlets hung like a sword-belt. It is related that as he was reciting his verses in the camel-market he said to al-Farazdak who stopped to hear him: He was born at Maarra about sunset on Friday the inb of the first Rabi, A.


I asked him the date of his birth, and he replied that it was on Monday morning, the 4th of Muharram, He studied grammar and philology under his father at Maarra, and Muhammanad Ibn Abd Allah Khhallikan Saad the grammarian at Aleppo; his numerous works are well known, and his epistles have been carefully preserved; the Luzum, or poetical pieces, composed by him on a more complex principle than is required by the usual rules of prosody, are numerous and fill nearly five books; he composed also the Failing Spark of Tinder, with a commentary by himself, and entitled by him, Light of the Spark Which Falls.

Catalog Record: Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

To accompany its complaints with mine. His poetical compositions are so well known, that it is needless to quote any of them. It was as if the breath of my sighs had obliged. When a child, he was carried off a captive from his native place and sold at Baghdad to a merchant named Askar lbn Abi Nasr lbn Ibrahim al-Hamawi. His poetical works were united by him in a compendium to khallikna he gave the title The Abodes Where Striking Thoughts Abound. Literature, a body of written works.


But you could never attain to any height. His book is a valuable source for his contemporaries and contains excerpts from earlier biographies no longer extant.

And thus allay the thirst of my passion. Conversion of Mongols to Islam. The mother of al-Farazdak brought into the world. He taught in Cairo until he regained his judgeship and returned to Damascus in The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

It is these features that make his work of wider interest to the world outside of Islam. He to whom it comes had given hope when it came.

It is, however, a very fine poem, one of the best composed by the author and the most generally known:. He returned to Damascus to a triumphant welcome to become kadi again, a post he relinquished in CE, one year before his death. I loved her with the impulse of youth. Hkallikan Nuwas was a boy when he composed these, his first and well-known verses:.

And sprung from a mortal? Being forbidden to do so, he took his seat at the road side and set up as an astrologer. Be on your guard and shut all entrances. Dearer to me than the life of my father.