Does anyone know of a software that can export Paper Master 98 “Cab. If your system supports it, the Paper Master Export Utility can convert. A reader tells me that PaperMaster, the once great scanning and file David, I would recommend finding an XP machine to convert your. Batch file all your paperwork on your computer into PaperMaster in one .. DocuCab V2, but they cannot convert the efx files from Papermaster.

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In addition the syupport was non-existing and frustrating. Then you would be able to view the documents after the trial vversion license ran out. Problem now is for future, What papermasfer I use? Previous Post South Ossetia: I just start to get prompted to activate no error about a license corupt. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. This was teir reply …………. After purchasing the program and installing it, it creates a My Cabinets folder in the My Directory folder like it is supposed to according to palermaster instructions.

Payment was made effortlessly but obtaining a key code ncessitated several e-mails to the agent company in Germany!! I went out of business leaving nothing but unsatisfied customers.

Until one day I switched to Vista and found out it doesnt work anymore. Thank you in advance…. I am now using PM and have no problems whatsoever with it.

PaperMaster Export Tool – FREE

Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? David, I would recommend finding an XP machine to convert your documents to PDF convsrt then using them in another program — Paperport, or somesuch.


It is still very fast and easy to use software for scanning using any scanner twain complaint.

Then they went out of business. Anyone know where they could be? I have used PM98 since its inception. So Jeremy we have 10 days until the upgrade promo ends and I am curious after your findings in paermaster with Paperport. I have PaperMaster 98 but it not work fine in XP.

It was disapppointing when papermaster crashed papermasrer burned but hey resurrection was good news; just update the program and make it work with w2k, keeping the simple interface etc etc. Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora. Has anyone successfully used a low end flatbed scanner for publication work.

Im not wanting any new whistles and bells — just connvert have Papermaster work with Vista. When you look in the storage folder all you get is a bunch of unusable crappy folders! We apologize for any burden this has placed upon you.

Well what can one say about this company. It does not install the printer but otherwise works fine. I backed up my cabinet before reinstalling windows xp due to registry problems. I owned PM way back when, also loved it. On the 3rd try, I made contact and was transfered to what they j2 call 2nd level and after about 10 min, did talk to a 2nd level tech.

All conver data is stored in tiff format even though the files have no extensions. Papermaster 98 provided a read-only, redistributable version of Papermaster which could be included on “published” media ie a CD.


Is PaperMaster Finally Dead?

I have been using Papermaster 98 for years. The product has not been mentioned on their corporate website for some time except, interestingly, on their legal page.

Have you tried FileCenter? After doing that, the program seemed to work ok again. What things are you thinking about? I use it at work and home.

Anyone has a copy of PaperMaster 98 ver | PC Review

I wonder what their major problem is. I am about to uninstall it and go take a look at http: Well I,m back, the problem I had with the Papermaster Pro 7 was somewhat resolved.

Please help us out if you know how to export from this to another system. I have lost access to a great deal of information. My back-up is to D: Does the newer 7 pro program work or not? The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. Tommy, I have the original paper master live cd if it covert. I have been very disappointed with Papermaster 6. The technical support is very poor to non-existent.

Thank you for contacting Papermaster Customer Support. Please e-mail me direct to tell me you responded or snd a copy direct as well.