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But these products are only as good as the alarm inputs they receive. Add to this a frost resistant cover design and lightning protection and you have a beam suitable for installations in the harshest environments. Firm fixing and proper beam alignment at installation are Photobeams may utilise single, dual or sixteen beam net important factors in the effectiveness of the beam s operation.

The BX Shield can be easily connected to a fixed dome CCTV camera to send visual alarm when people are entering in the immediate boundary of the premises. They provide an invisible fence which when broken by an intruder creates an alarm condition. Towers come complete fatalogue all fixings and the electronics include heaters, thermostats, fixings and alignment aids. The video surveillance market is growing constantly, driven by increased public and private security concerns, as well as a technology.

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The FarmGuard system is designed to provide instant protection against the spiralling scourge of rural More information. The Shield series adds a clever and versatile design to the established technical performance. FEATURES Adjustable beam interruption time – long interruption time catches an intruder but cataolgue a small animal to pass through Twin beams require simultaneous interruption to create activation.


Our portfolio uses a range of sophisticated sensors to protect More information. The market s widest range of network cameras The video surveillance market is thriving, driven by increased public More information. Each false alarm was costing them and the total bill was enormous. For over 25 years Opgal s More information. Burglars attack unprotected premises considerably more often than ones protected by alarm More information. Initial alignment can be carried out using the built in optical aiming device to roughly set the sensors and then fine-tuning can be carried out using a standard digital meter.

The housings hide the height, direction and number of beams enclosed and greatly increase system security. The goal of Glolab is to produce top quality electronic kits, products and components.

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Suitable for external ranges up to m outdoors the beams have twin infrared transmitters and receivers to reduce the potential for alarms from small animals blowing debris and falling leaves. Welcome Welcome to the Optex Intruder Detection Catalogue Optex is one of the world s leading manufacturers of high performance intruder detectors. For example, is it to be used for: However, neither the authors nor Cooper Security Limited More information.

Control Panel 2 Associated Equipment B. Features of the range include: The above ground ViiK vehicle detectors are an ideal solution for sites where ground optec cannot be installed, such as where the road surface is damaged or unsealed, paved catalpgue cobblestones, or above drains or pipes. Central stations can verify that an alarm has been triggered by an intruder and is not a false activation.

Axis network cameras A wide portfolio of products for professional video surveillance. The beams offer four site-selectable frequencies that allow them to be stacked one above another caatalogue provide a wall of coverage.

Our all new active infrared beam series We’ve extended our range of SmartLine active infrared beams with the SL-TNR series, wireless and hybrid, entry-level outdoor active beam for simple point-to-point applications.


The RLSS is a compact and highly customisable detector that helps protect, in an unobstructed way, houses, buildings, flat roofs, controlled areas and assets by creating an invisible laser wall or plane and detecting any intrusion breaching it.

Since motion detectors are so flexible and have so many uses, they offer.

High-Definition Video from one solid-state system. Pop-up Surveillance Camera On Your TV Would you like to automatically see who s at your front door, even before they ring the doorbell? They come in a vandalproof housing with More information. Privacy and Cookies Policy [accept and close].

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Totally Wireless Video Security has been effective but cost and complexity has limited deployment. Cameras for Capturing License Optexx – Traffic Monitoring System Deployment Application Notes Abstract Traffic monitoring systems are currently being deployed in many advanced surveillance installations.

However, neither the authors nor Cooper Security Limited. After installation the Command Summary More information. Input voltage is between The other major components of Home Alarm Systems are as More information. However, front covers in black and silver are also available providing the customers multiple combination options.

This is the technology behind capturing images from a video source at one end of the circuit and transmitting it cataloogue More information. They thought that there must be something wrong because they were getting no activations which was because there were no intruders!

With reliable detection at the heart of any effective Event-Driven CCTV system it doesn t make sense to compromise when specifying a job.