They announced this sect in Hempher is a British missionary who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hidjaz and. [Author’s note: The following account was written in the context of a book about conspiracy theories; therefore, I did not need to state what needs to be stated. The British accomplished this through a British spy named Hempher. His story has been published in a little pamphlet entitled Confessions of a.

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Hempher asked the fake scholar if it was permissible to rebel against a Sunni regime.

A tremendous army of people of this sort is on requisition for the realization of this goal. Enemy attack was likely any moment. Alienate children from their fathers, thus depriving them of their elders’ education. We decided between us that he was to tell other people that I was his slave and was back from some place he had sent me.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East – Wikipedia

Retrieved 20 August Then I asked the secretary, “What are the ultimate reasons for preparing these models? It first appeared inin Turkishin the hmepher Mir’at al-Haramayn of Ayyub Sabri Pasha who is thought to be the actual author by at least one scholar. Hempher btitish, “when we reach this number we shall have hemphee all Muslims under our sway” and Islam will be rendered “into a miserable state from which it will never recover again. When we did not receive any orders from the Ministry we made our own decisions.

Consequently, they became tired in a short time. Go to Mobile Site. They lived in squalid and dilapidated environments. Huseyn’s head was buried at a place called Hannana. I put guards around him in order to protect him against his enemies. It would be worth while if you spent all your time indoctrinating him,” he said. However, when I met Muhammad of Najd later, I found out that in Isfahan a man named Abd-ul-kereem had met him and ferreted out his secrets by saying, “I am Shaikh Muhammad’s [meaning me] brother.


So I went home right away and spent some of my sweetest moments with my son, who resembled me very much. Any extra payment agreed on at the time of lending is interest. For example, Aboo Bakr assumed power with the help of ‘Umar’s sword and by setting fire to the houses of those who would not obey him, such as Faatima’s house.

I did not say anything this concerning this to him. Make sure that Muslim children remain ignorant by casting various aspersions on religious authorities and thus preventing Muslim parents from sending their children to religious schools.

According to Hempher, nine other agents like himself were operating in the Ottoman lands. The scholar replied saying that it was not justified to rebel against a government just because it was Sunni, that all Muslims were brothers and that it would only ever be permissible if the Sunni establishment was subjecting the Muslims to oppression and cruelty within the boundaries of ordaining the good and forbidding the evil. I missed my homeland and my family.

Thus did the Wahhabi variant of fundamentalist Islam come to dominate most of the Arabian peninsula through an elaborate conspiracy. He told me that “If we made these two announcements we would be attacked by a powerful army. The Shiite religious leaders, totally given to vituperating the Sunnites, had already relinquished knowledge; business, religious and worldly alike.

In addition, he refused to publish an interpolated copy of the Hemphrr. Firas marked it as to-read Aug 04, Tunisian historian and Islam expert Talbi dead at 95 Personage. It was a peerless guide for the studies I was going soy carry on. Broadcast the conception that Islam is a religion peculiar to the Arabs only. This state of the Shiites reminded me of the time when Europe had been under an ecclesiastical invasion.


Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

We may not live to see those happy days, but our children will. Unfortunately, no one would even listen to me. Hempher proceeded to bring Muhammad more fully under his control by setting him up with one of the Christian women specifically sent out hempjer London to seduce Muslim youth.

The Britih committed treasons against the government. For earning Muslims’ hearts and trusts, we exploited our Muhammad of Najd religiously, and Muhammad bin Su’ood politically. I at once set out to go there, too.

We could declare war on them Sunnite Muslims only if they perpetrated cruelty and persecution on the Ummat Muslims. He gave me a prescription. Shamma AlToobi added it Nov 30, How come these Shiite people nempher in these superstitions! Later you will benefit very much from these two secrets.

Confessions of a British Spy

As an evidence for this, put forward the Qur’aanic verse which reads, “This is a Dhikr for thee and thine people. Az-Zahrawi, the great father of modern surgery Personage.

Together the two pseudo-Muslims “began to pull the shawl of belief slowly off the shoulders of Muhammad of Najd. They fell into the trap they had laid.