Breaking with the tradition, Ashis Nandy explores the ways in which colonialism damaged the colonizing societies themselves, and how the. ASHIS NANDY: The intimate enemy: loss and recovery of self under colonialism. Delhi: Oxford University Press, pp. Rs Ashis Nandy’s Intimate. policies on a Procrustean bed can be dangerously deceptive, by pinning a particular label on an author, his total contribution to the subject is under- mined and.

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They too had the fear of Indian Gods and Goddess. But you need to get through that to get into the second intijate The Uncolonized Mind which is a much easier read. Retrieved 1 February Erin Rebecca rated it it was amazing Mar 31, The American Historical Review. Besides he awfully lacking while interpreting and understanding the limited data of the subject what he had chosen from the British India.

It’s up to us whether to agree with the author or not, but we can anyways interpret the content in our own way and that is the beauty of academic-centric books like this. Intimare book has contained effective foot notes with index and priced Rs. Nandy had received the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in Nandy’s mother was a teacher at La Martiniere School intjmate, Calcutta and subsequently became the school’s first Indian vice principal. Nandy a holy cow?

While we should commit to memory that the so-called cultured and benevolent English traders came to India in search of wealth, looted it unashamedly and not very particularly to marry Indian women and to intimzte Indian family and their Gods and Goddess.


Or the humans defined and made the world so? Nature doesn’t nxndy the passive? Through his prolific writing and other activities supported by his belief in non-violence, Professor Nandy has offered penetrating analysis from different angles of a wide range of problems such as political disputes and racial conflicts, and has made suggestions about how human beings can exist together, and together globally, irrespective of national boundaries.

Living in the Crosshairs David S. I will give an example. Krupa rated kntimate it was ok Dec 27, The Ramajanmabhumi Movement and Fear of the Self book review “.

This edition, including a new postscript by the author, explores the ways in which colonialism damaged the colonizing societies themselves, and how the likes of Gandhi resisted their rulers in British India by building on the lifestyle, values, and psychology of ordinary Indians and by heeding dissenting voices from the West. Please help by adding reliable sources.

When he was 10, British India was partitioned into two sovereign countries — India and Pakistan. Ihtimate me on this computer. Divergent to the claim of Nandy the pages of British Indian history, devoid of any distinction, from which might be in the earlier or later part of colonial India, has filled with the prejudiced racial arrogance of the whites.

Naipaulwho in their loss, wanted to identify India as a martial opponent to the West. Professor Nandy is an intellectual who identifies and explores numerous and diverse problems.

Ashis Nandy a holy cow? Nileena MS rated it it was ok Oct 30, The book had opened so many things for me that I feel like I can’t afford to read the book again. Aug 14, Steph rated it it was amazing.


The Intimate Enemy

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To most of the finest critical minds of West, Colonialism was a necessary evil, the first portal towards a more even homogenized world. Books by Ashis Nandy. Want to Read saving…. Such fastidious arguments and estimations have provoked the reader of the text to be in rage.

A trained clinical psychologistNandy has provided theoretical critiques of European colonialismdevelopment, modernity, iintimate, Hindutvascience, technology, nuclearismcosmopolitanism, and utopia. It is enmey today to opt for a non-West which in itself is a construction of the West.

The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self Under Colonialism by Ashis Nandy

He attacked the moral statement and civilizing mission of colonialism based on cultural superiority in their home ground-by declaring it evil through judgement via Christian values. Side lining economic and political borders, Nandy tries to show the state of mind as the primary differentia between colonizers and the colonized, where a shared culture might not find its commencement with alien rule or closure in its departure.

In this book, Nandy consciously connives to uncover what Western colonialism has done to its subjects unconsciously, and the alternative language of discourse colonized Indians might have created in the process.