You need properly formatted string expressions for your date values: Dim dateFrom As Date Dim dateTo As Date dateFrom = DateValue(Forms! formOptions!. From within VB, I need to bring up an Access Report based on a Query that needs a I want to pass the RecordId in from VB via the port call. Microsoft Access tutorial: Using OpenReport method of DoCmd object to open a report.

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You can choose one among those types to specify your report when it open. The open report cannot move. The default value acWindowNormal shows the report as normally done in Access. There are no open issues.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. And when I put a pair of extra ‘ ‘ around the field name in the above code to be: The maximum length of the WhereCondition argument is 32, characters unlike the Where Condition action argument in the Macro window, whose maximum length is characters.


If you want to print this Category, click Print Report button. Acxess don’t know what else is causing this.

vba – MS Access – port – Stack Overflow

Post as a guest Name. If you don’t know how to create a master detail report, read this page: Microsoft Access tutorial: You can use the OpenReport method to openrepor a report in Design view or Print Preview, or domcd print the report immediately. You can add data, edit data, or you can just read the data. When the form first open, the current record is Cate Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

With acDialog your calling code should not continue until the report is closed. When you design your report, that is the time you will decide on the defaults accesw your report. OpenReport is a method used to open a report. You must set it between double quotes. A powerful way to change from the design-time default behaviour is using the DocDmd. The default valus is acWindowNormal. The default value is acViewNormal.


Microsoft Access 2010 tutorial:Docmd to open report

You can use either an existing query or a filter that was saved as a query. Erik von Asmuth I’ve checked multiple times and [ActionTime] is the exact same name of the field in both the report and also the table, and yes the spelling is the same.

This argument is used to specify the specific record when a report open.

Have also tried using the WhereCondition: You can specify the window mode when a report open. You can also restrict the records that are printed in the report.

When I try this code: The second, because you’re comparing the wccess string ‘[ActionTime]’ to a string containing a date, and that’s not a very sensible thing to do. It must be written between double quotes. The view in which the report will open.

There’s very little automatic typecasting.