Kurt Vonnegut cites Theodore Sturgeon as the inspiration for his character Kilgore Trout. This volume includes 12 stories from , considered Sturgeon’s. by Theodore Sturgeon If she’s dead, I thought, I’ll never find her in this white flood of moonlight on the white sea, with the surf seething in and. X Minus One aired Theodore Sturgeon’s “A Saucer of Loneliness” on January 9, It appeared originally in the February issue of.

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Master of All Worlds Imaginative. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It communicates with her telepathically and she passes out. Summary – A Saucer of Loneliness from Wikipedia.

View my complete profile. Most science fiction I have came across spent pages after pages describing the technology of the futuristic world theoore even more pages describing the interactions between numerous characters. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. Retrieved from ” https: Kornbluth No One-Trick Pony.

For all that, the concentration of it moves the emotions of the reader quite unexpectedly, and creates a whole new vision of the two principle characters at the end than one had of them at the beginning. The story begins in media resbut I will set the reader up by describing the past that has led up to the matter of crisis that sets the story in motion.

Margaret Shelley Duvall is a middle-aged woman who is a spinster, working as a waitress at a diner. This page was last edited on 23 Mayat The authorities try to collect all the bottles but eventually give up when they find the same message in each bottle.


These men are not interested in her but the potential power she keeps locked up in her tbeodore, and some of these pretend courters are agents of foreign powers as well as being agents of her own government, just as the men tailing them are sometimes fifth columnists and sometimes legitimate men of national security. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. She tells him that it was the only thing she could call her own and the only thing she could do for another like herself.

Margaret and the man walk away arm-in-arm. Among the many things it meant was that even to loneliness there is an end, for those who are lonely enough, long enough. She shows the man the actual message which takes the form of a glowing orb in the palm of her hand.

A Saucer of Loneliness by Theodore Sturgeon | : Books

Kornbluth His stories leave a lasting impression on the psyche. She walks into the ocean but a man comes from behind and pulls her out. There is in certain living souls A quality of loneliness unspeakable So great it must be shared As company lonelineas shared by lesser beings Such a loneliness is mine; so know by this That in immensity There is one lonelier than you.

It floated down next to her and touched itself to her forehead for a second and they then both fell to the ground. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. The message in the bottles is a poem about loneliness. She believes that Margaret has the power tjeodore heal but Margaret flees in tears. It was also the title of the seventh book in the anthology series The Collected Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeonpublished in Thank you for this.


Without Sorcery E Pluribus Unicorn. As company is shared by lesser beings.

Once at the hospital, the young girl is given her own private bedroom something she has never enjoyed in the urban poverty of her lifeand she is shown a care and loneluness consideration she has never before known. Good Short Fiction to Read. They question her exhaustively about every minute detail of her simple and brief existence. A policeman saicer up, the crowd increases in size, and an FBI agent arrives. Ambrose Bierce The damascened steel edge of imagination.

A man is desperately sturgfon a beach for a young woman whom he suspects will attempt suicide. She takes up reading as she never had before, but it is no substitute for a real life with loving people in it to share it with her.

A Saucer of Loneliness

Every now and then reporters track her down to ask about the saucer. He spots her in the ocean and plunges in to save her. Finally, she resorted to taking a sturgeo as a night cleaner so that no one else will see her. Margaret explains that the saucer was just an interstellar message in a bottle—just like the bottles she threw into the ocean.