Life Eternal is the second Dead Beautiful book, and miles better than the first. Gone were my issues with the first, reviewed in this post. Instead, there was a ton of. Nov 9, LIFE ETERNAL by Yvonne Woon. LIFE ETERNAL. From the “Dead Her body is changing, the effect of Dante’s life-saving kiss. And both are. Life Eternal (Dead Beautiful, book 2) by Yvonne Woon – book cover, description, publication history.

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Instead, there was a ton of mystery and intrigue and a whole lot of spookiness. The ghoulish isn’t made into too much a farse, it’s made to feel yyvonne to real, and I love that. Things I wanted more of Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

It’s the talent of a good author that draws you in eternao want to read more about her main character. There is so much information in this book.

Yes, I’m a sap. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Life Eternal – Yvonne Woon – Google Books

Please try again later. I love Dante, he is such a fantastic character and I was really sad to find that there wasn’t very much of him in this book. I just loved Dead Beautiful, etefnal Life Eternal just added onto the story and made it so much better. And an uneasy, confusing yet sweet friendship with Noah. View all 7 comments. While trying to figure those three things out, she has episodes where she loses consciousness and has dreams that will help her find what she is seeking. I loved how she introduced us to new characters and I love the story line yvonje this book.

She knows that the only chance they have at life together is if Dante finds eternal life. The style captures you until you are one of the mysterious characters in this even more mysterious world so if you are searching for something less fanatic and typical like another “Twilight” you should pick the “Dead Beautiful” series. Altogether I feel like the books builds up for the next one and while I enjoyed the secrets and mysteries a lot I feel like there are too many loose ends right now.


The one thing that bothered me was that Renee trusted her new friends too quickly and shared sensitive information with them too readily, but that was pretty much necessary to get the plot moving. Dante blinked, his chest collapsing as if there were nothing left inside him.

Things to love about Life Eternal Renee was still awesome as before in the first book and maybe even a little bit better, as this book was amazingly even better. I love the character of Dante. Although the introduction of Noah made me initially groan slightly at yet another love triangle, he really did grow on me quickly and I found myself liking him more and more.

She llife in Manhattan. But the mystery itself – there are layers upon layers that Yvonne reveals through little snippets, like teacher’s asides in the classroom, chance meetings, Renee’s making connection between things Hope there is a sequel 7 34 Apr 07, It was haunting, slightly dark and convincing.

The events that happened at the end of the school year have bought her a summer of therapy.

Life Eternal

It all ties together, slowly, steadily. Renee grew leaps and bounds and all because of the pressure Woon put on her here. How she doubts her feelings and whether she is doing the right thing and I think this is just something that she needed to go through. The reader is also left feeling worried and curious about weather this character will appear in the third book due to wlon role in the twist in the last chapter.

Overall, I really liked this story. And, as an aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Woon’s references to the intellectual: I became suspicious of all the characters in this book because I never knew who had an agenda or what their motives were.


In his defense, he IS trying to keep her safe while he looks for a way for them to be together.

LIFE ETERNAL by Yvonne Woon | Kirkus Reviews

I love Renee’s relationships with her friends. Certain events, and deaths in the book point towards Dante and since he etenal to remain silent about his activities while on the run and his whereabouts, Renee has reasons for her questions. I didn’t even know if they would continue the story so after the wpon page I was like Let me start off by saying I love the cover of this book; I know the girl who is one the cover and she is amazingly beautiful and I think that she captured the look of Renee on the cover with the canary, its just wonderful.

If being apart from Dante isn’t enough, she is now sent away from Dante with no means of yvonme him so.

But there is a secret woven through history that holds the only hope for Dante and Ren e. While she on the other hand is a Monitor, a person who can sense the dead and is tasked to kill them if necessary. I love this book.

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Her introduction of the Nine Sisters adds a welcomed depth to her series. At the end, some one kind of important dies, and Renee doesn’t really seem to care even though she kind of got that lufe into the situation. Yeah, that makes things kinda interesting too.