“Die Vermessung der Welt” follows the two brilliant and eccentric scientists Alexander von Daniel Kehlmann (novel), Detlev Buck (screenplay) | 1 more credit». The Novel in German since – edited by Stuart Taberner September Halfway through the novel, Kehlmann lists among some famous measurers Mason and Dixon. Like Pynchon’s novel about them, “Measuring.

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I should have known better. Another hypothesis might be that some parts of Europe were actually quite late off the mark with regards to general international nosiness.

Unless I can go away and find other supporting material about any of this, I am simply not interested. Because of you I wanted to become a minister, because of me you had to conquer the highest mountain and the deepest caverns, for you I founded the greatest university, for me you discovered South America, and only fools who fail to understand the significance of a single life in double form would describe this as a rivalry I do admire Kehlmann for trying a different angle on a historical novel about two eminent kehlmanj in their own time.

One of them, the Prussian aristocrat Alexander von Humboldt, negotiates savanna and jungle, travels down the Orinoco, tastes poisons, climbs the highest mountain known dder man, counts head lice, and explores every hole in the ground.

View all 8 comments. One of those “outside of my comfort zone” books that doesn’t work out, at least not to the extent expected. Fictional account of the lives and meeting towards the end of their lives at a scientific congress that Humboldt holds of two great German scientists — the naturalist and geographer Alexander von Humboldt whose brother was also a great politician and linguist — who explored and opened up and the mathematician and physicist Gauss.

Measuring the World

Mar 21, Elahe rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is seen as one of the fathers of biogeography. I wasn’t really expecting to find a book like this on the list, but I guess that is what makes it so great. Don’t see it as an attempt to give historical facts but to immerse the viewer in a time we can travel to through the eyes of this movie.


In a few other reviews I read, those who read it in its original German and in English have said the humour and tone didn’t always translate successfully.

Carol Brown Janeway Translator. Measuring the World 6 33 Nov 21, He introduces us to their scientific findings in a light-hearted easy-going way that capture the essence without overburdening the reader. Un libro quindi non pessimo, ma trascurabile. A scientific historical novel first published in originally written in German by young author, Daniel Kehlmann born Whether we see each other again or not, now once more, it is just we two, as it always was fundamentally.

These two colossal kooks are brought to life by Daniel Kehlmann, although with what dedication to absolute veracity I do not know, always a concern of mine when dealing with Historical Fiction which purports to lean heavily on the ‘Historical’ rather than the ‘Fiction’ part. In an intelligent, refined and sophisticated way. Humboldt embodies inductive science – based on observation and experience – he is the explorer – the climber, the measurer, the scientist taking samples – plants, animals, rocks.

Measuring the World A hundred plus one equals a hundred and one. Always a hundred and one.

Terrifyingly famous and more than eccentric in their old age, the two meet in Berlin in It is vremessung interesting to note that the people doing the scrambling about were, for the most part, European. I laughed aloud sitting alone in a room thanks to the irony and self-irony e. Measuring the World 5.

And whose inability to deal with the abject stupidity of absolutely everyone around him is the despair of everyone around him He and brother Wilhelm, a diplomat and linguist, have been a household name then and now, at least in German speaking countries. Genius has many shapes, and expresses itself in various ways, is the optimistic message a life-saving one for teachers who work with the post-caterpillar, pre-butterfly cocoon-stage.

Kehlmann divides his time between Vienna and Berlin.

The Verdict TV Movie Alexander von Humboldt Kind Sunnyi Melles And you do ser need any particular scientific knowledge or interest to find the book appealing. Historical or scientific value or accuracy may have been sacrificed for entertainment in many cases, but that seems only fitting in the time we live. One of his children, his son Eugen, is one of the main characters in the novel.


In the late eighteenth century, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt had both embarked on the same quest: Welr un lato von Humboldt, geografo, naturalista ed esploratore, ricco aristocratico, eccentrico, curioso ed espansivo. Mutter Humboldt Nils Dreschke Difficult to rate, as I haven’t the intimate knowledge to know how much liberty the author took with the fictionalisation.

I do not see the sense of using real people in a novel if you do not try to develop their psychology, not try to understand their motives, doubts, struggles.

Not much is known of his private life, though, except for the bare facts of family and jobs that he had to support himself.

Measuring the World () – IMDb

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His novel Measuring the World was translated into vermeseung than forty languages. Essentially they are both stupendously clever but Gauss is cleverer than Humboldt what with being your more bog-standard genius and all. Kehlmann makes both of them exceptionally human, with all the flaws, and at the same time manages to describe their genius without forcing it on the reader. I enjoyed it enough to be between three and four stars.

Un romanzo intelligente, pieno di humour ma vermsssung al contempo fa riflettere. Measuring the World is not a science book. There is one or maybe two references to dates in this book, and I felt this kehlmanh only to give the reader a timeframe to anchor the story in. Leben einhaucht und sie sehr sehr menschlich macht. Alexander’s work as a naturalist and explorer were well publicized during his lifetime.

Eugen is a disappointment to Gauss, and shares none of the interests of his father.