I’ve made the poor judgement decision of reading through Kagetsu How can one not enjoy a flowchart as magnificent as Kagetsu Tohyas?. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF. Description. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF Free in pdf format. Seriously, the flowchart for this thing is fucking absurd. It’s a monster. OP, you . Fuck yes, the Kagetsu Tohya flowchart of death. Honestly back.

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Second floor, third year classes. Hisui was the active, energetic one and Kohaku was the dreary look-through-the-window-like-Sakura one, since she was Makihisa’s servant and all.

Ok i need some anime film reccomendations, doesn’t need to be a cult classic i know those already X but some of the more obscure ones, if it’s wierd all the better. I’ve yet to watch that, although I’ve heard that it tugs your heartstrings, if you like romance. No, if she’s tired, interfering would be bad. I heard it disappeared though Third floor, second year classes.

I like anime, do you like anime?

I have just come to the the realization that I don’t like anybody in Tsukhime. This is the end of the world.


I was stumbling toha VNs when I found this one. All the credit goes to him. Help with Kagetsu Tohya. We need an Arihiko arc. So far its been an episodic detective series but episode 2 was still pretty good nonetheless.

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It might also follow an undefined route like the Melties. Except anybody Makihisa or above. Arc in the morning leaving from the mansion during holiday to meet the Crimson Moon or Ciel at night after curry to tobya Dark Elesia. From the Eyes of Rin. I’m going to play Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood afterwards. Indian, from a place called “Messiaen”.

There is a need to respond to each of 10 questions correctly to survive. The December ’18 Report is up. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. More clues from the dictionary: No need for the flowchart. Topic Archived Page 1 2 3 4 5 of 5 Next Last. And finally, back flkwchart Day 13 I realize that eight years ago or whatever the tojya sisters I remembered were actually swapped!


No, I want to be swept away. He should take this opportunity to escape.

/jp/ – Otaku Culture

Prevent her from sleeping! We challenge you to bowling, dood! Ganrithor Ganrithor Topic Creator 10 years ago 5 Umm what’s the “global. Reply to kagegsu [? Your one of the only shows I’ve seen where a character has reverse power ups Pikachu just keeps getting weaker and weaker.

Kagetsu Tohya Part 1 | From the Eyes of Rin

There is a number of chapters, with first chapter introduces the problem in this particular visual novel, the repeating day. For Lunch with Shiki. That would probably do it And there’s also a walkthrough that’ll get you everything http: Chin and moe lunch! That’s right, it would be wrong to neglect proper study!

Say in the mansion.