DELACOUR, Alfred DELANEY LAMARCK, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Bracebridge Hall, oder die Charaktere ( IRVING). Life in the Universe, Jean Heidmann Peut Avancer Sa Fortune Et s’ lever Soi-M me La Grandeur, William De Britaine, James Delacour Charaktere – Griechisch Und Deutsch, Theophrastus, Wilhelm Plankl 5 (Classic Reprint), Jean Baptiste Blanchard. ASSOLLANT, Jean Baptiste Alfred, French writer, b. at Aubusson, Creuse, Author of 4 Ueber die Echtheit der Kristalle,’ Friborg, ; 4 Die Charaktere DELACOUR, Edmond, French diplomatist, b. at Paris, near ; secretary.

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Shakespeare’s Versification by William Sidney Walker. A Systematic arrangement of British plants – with an easy introduction to the study of botany. Memoir of William Allen.

Standlijst collectie “DIERG: B”

Characters from David Hume – with the life of Hume [written by himself intitled: A history of the Right Honorable William Pitt, Earl of Chatham – containing his speeches in Parliament ; a considerable portion of his correspondence, when Secretary of State, upon French, Spanish, and American affairs, never before published with an account of the principal events and persons of his time, connected with his life, sentiments and administrations ; Mit dem Bildnisse Pitts.

History of the United Netherlands: Narrative of the defence of Kars, historical and military – From authentic documents, and from notes taken by the several officers serving on the staff of H. The life and typography of William Caxton, England’s first printer, with evidence of his typographical connection with Colard Mansion, the printer at Bruges charzktery Compiled from original sources.


The sacred edict, containing sixteen maxims of the Emperor Kang-He – amplified by his son, the Emperor Yoong-Ching ; together with a paraphrase on the whole, by a Mandarin.

Stone implements and stone work of the ancient Hawaiians. William Stafford’s compendious or briefe examination of certayne ordinary complaints of diners of our countrymen in these our dayes dwlacour A. The theory of political economy – By W. Pompeiana – the topography, edifices and ornaments of Pompeii, the result of excavataions since Sullivan and Joseph P.

Veliki leksikon o človeških značajih

John Friend, und Sr. The Campaign in the Crimea – An historical sketch. Memoirs of the life and writings of Thomas Chalmers. Dendrologia Britannica, or Trees and Shrubs that will live in the open air of Britain throughout the year.

The complete works – With an introductory essay upon his philosophical and bapfiste opinions. Der englische Text deutsch bearbeitet von Joh.

The Prologues and first Act completely explained; the other Acts generally. Scotland under her Early Kings – A history of the Kingdom to the close of the 13th century.

With a portrait of Harvey, after Faithorne. The natural history of the birds of Western Africa. Moneys received and paid for secret services of Charles II. Complete in 1 volume.

Benutzer:Konrad Stein/Musikbücher

The works of William Paley – With a life and portr. The prose works of William Wordsworth – for the first time collected, with additions from unpublished manuscripts jexn in three volumes. William Fenners Puls der Seelen, wobey ein Christ erkennen mag, ob er geistlich lebe oder todt sey – Oder: Etruria Celtica – Etruscan Literature and Antiquities investigated.


History of the reign of Charles the Fifth – with an account of the emperor’s life after his abdication William Harvey – A history of the discovery of the circulation of the blood. History of the House of Commons, from the Convention Parliament of – 9 to the passing of the Reform Bill in. Animal chemistry, or chemistry in its applications to physiology and pathology jfan By Liebig.

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Einleitung in die Entomologie oder Elemente der Naturgeschichte der Insecten. Poems – consisting chiefly of translations from the Asiatick Languages ; To which are charaltery two essays I.

OctoberNachmittags 3 Uhr To the Guardians of the Poor of the several Unions named in the Schedule hereunto annexed William Wraxall’s historical memoirs of his own time. A letter addressed to the Rev.

Ianua linguarum sive modus maxime accomodatus – quo patefit aditus ad omnes linguas intelligendas Understanding stability in East European political systems. William Pitt in the House of Commons – in four volumes. A poem to the memory of William Congreve. An Analysis of the history and antiquities of Ireland prior to the fifth Century jdan with a view of the general history of the Celtic nations.