BORANG PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL JADUAL CARUMAN BULANAN 8A Bayaran Tunai. UNTUK CARUMAN BULAN b b 2 0 1 t. SOSCO (PERKESO). Borang 8A. Jadual Caruman. Borang 2 (Pendaftaran Pekerja). Borang 1A (Perhentian Majikan). EPF (KWSP). Borang A. Jadual Caruman. DownloadReport. Published on Oct SOCSO Contribution Schedule Jadual Caruman SOCSODocuments ยท THE SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANISATION .

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So, no need to go to Perkeso counter.

Show posts by this member only Post 2. This post has been edited by Ngto: Oklah, was told to “bayar bulan 2 untuk caruman bulan 1” when I was at the local Jadusl office, so maybe have to wait til later in the month.? Mana-mana pekerja yang telah mencapai umur lima puluh tujuh tahun 57 atau yang telah mencapai umur enam puluh tahun 60 3.

Just look at all the bnfags gloating about how good the economy is. When they say need to give proof that you emailed Lampiran 1, they also want hardcopy Lampiran 1 with the hardcopy sent email. I think if new registration as employer then it’s Forms 1 and 1A.

Jadual Caruman Bulanan (Borang 8A)

This post has been carumwn by Srbn: Have to wait till erect over. RM for 3 months ID still the same as Perkeso majikan ID? Luckily iperkeso is back. Makes me wonder whether we should have just stick with IPerkeso for the payment rather than migrate or register Assist If im not retrenched, id b paying for nothing.

  GEZE TS 5000 PDF

So just to get this right, when can we claim from the eis? Scared no one saw or respond to the email ke.

Socso procedures

But dunno their EIS form can come out before end of this month Even then, still need to fill out a form so that they can chop acknowledge receipt for both parties. How often do u get crisis?

I sent out my form since mid last Jan using both email and hard copy form. Yes, but deduct from the tax not from our salary. No shiet, once I went to Syabas 3 times only get things done, the underling say need bring this that this that, then meet the head be say releks, Semua Kasi settle.

Feb 3 caduman, I plan to get retrench and claim benefits! Deduction will be made from salary. I asked their staff if no register, penalty 10k plus interest. WTF, I got that from the website earlier, changed again? No need to go to counter.


Keyed in my email address as the registration form submitted earlier then click forgot password. Btw, I successfully entered the Assist portal liao just now, macam can’t do anything yet lol. We cannot claim any money in this 2 years.

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Cilaka There goes my jiken cha siu rice plate every month. Update to my question regarding age above: Within seconds the new password came to my email address. Show posts by this member only Post 9. The fella in front scold them kau-kau for this. Yeah I got the same info when arrive then. No, max is RM7. Although I can agree to some extent that this is one of the reason to songlap but at least there’s something to support u if u got retrenched. Better go in person right now.

Employers use their online banking as usual to debit the accounts? I submit the EIS forms already I used that link and change the temporary password.

Already kena potong for 2 months.