Volume 2 in the ‘Dev and Lee’ series picks up five minutes after ‘Out of Position’ ends. Having come out to the world, Dev thought his trouble would be over, but. Isolation Play picks up five minutes after Out of Position ends. The events at the end of Out of Position have put Dev and Lee in an awkward position. The athletic . Isolation Play: F.A.Q.. Sequel? Um, what’s “Out of Position”? Here, I have an info page about it here. What’s the sequel called? Isolation Play. Will any of the.

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Kyell Gold writes primarily anthropomorphic “furry” fiction, and is most famous for his stories in a Renaissance-era world Volle, Pendant of Fortune, The Prisoner’s Release, Shadow of the Father and his stories in a contemporary world Waterways, Out of Position, Isolation Play.

Feb 19, Rechan rated it it was ok Shelves: Jun 23, Saritza rated it it was amazing Shelves: A bit more depressing than kyelo first book, lots less fun lovey bits, but a good more mature representation of the struggles portrayed in the prior novel.

Mikhail calls Lee and blackmails him: Life is like that. The scene at Gerrard’s house is the most enjoyable sequence of the book, devoid of tedious drama. Thanks to Lee’s self defense classes, he accidentally throws Mikhail off and hits his head on a toolbox.

But it’s when his press conference is over that the trouble really starts. Isolatioh Kimmel- a swift fox who works as a freelance reporter.

Isolation Play – Kyell Gold – Google Books

I blog at http: Who are so well defined and feel so realistic it feels as if he’s plucked them from real life and put him in the pages of this wonderful novel. The side characters are quirky and fun and stand out. For the isolatiob review, please visit Reviews by Jessewave. View all 5 comments. I’ll always plaay a place in my heart for anthropomorphic gay romance stories, but this book series gets it’s own cathedral.


I wrote there about the e-book release and all I know about it. These just do not make up for the taxing slog. Nov 11, Shirou14 rated it really liked it. But whatever happens, and even when they’re arguing, the football star tiger and his keyll boyfriend are a team. Isolation Play is the second novel in the chronicle of Dev and Lee, the tiger and the fox. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Dev tries to convince him otherwise, but Lee drives up to Lake Henderson anyways. The one character I gokd sorry for is Dev’s mom.

Isolation Play

The illustrations are great and I wish my Kindle could show them in colour. Where can we keep up with the news about it? It is the sequel to Kyell’s novel Out of Position. It’s also disappointing that there are no female characters in this book – aside from Dev’s mother, who is a small part in all of two scenes, the book that is a cast of several dozen has no women to speak of.

Beyond that, I’m not saying. Corey “Killer” Mitchell- A cougar who plays on the Firebirds team.

Kyell says:

Isolation Play is definitely one of those books! Lee passes it off as an empty threat. Hirosaki, he hosts a podcast about writing called “Unsheathed,” produced by Kit, and although Ogld and K. A few pages or chapters I don’t remember anymore into Out of Position I lost the ability to put it down, whereas I actually put Isolation Play down a few times and read a couple other books in the interim.

When Lee isoolation his true identity, Hal leaves. Lee feels like he has no past and golf friends without Dev kyelll it’s only around the end of the book where he starts actually having his own social life, which starts in a very unhealthy way, I might add.

He was not born in California, but now considers it his home. Lee goes up to his college to watch him play and witnesses how he interacts with his teammates. They all leave the hospital with Dev glad the ordeal is over. I fell in love with Dev and Lee in Out of Position and really got to know them in gokd one. I am simply in love with this story.


He was the driving force of the conflict previously, and I just do not buy iyell his character would go away never to be heard from again. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He has won ten Ursa Major awards for his novels and short stories. He is Dev’s boyfriend and Brenly’s son. After working out, Gerrard a coyoteinvites Dev and Lee to his house to watch some football games. Dec 26, Alice rated it really liked it Shelves: The next day, Mikhail and Lee talk privately outside golx house.

I wasn’t totally thrilled with all of it–the reporter side-plot felt a bit separated from the rest of the story in many parts, though it was integral to the plot in a couple spots–but overall, I liked IP and am happily looking forward to the third book in the series next year.

I’m now eagerl I love when books allow you to connect with the characters in a way that make you feel like you’re not just watching their story unfold, you’re experiencing life with them! Isolation play is so far my favourite book in jsolation series; The plot is great, the drama was gripping, and I loved seeing the characters act and react around each other.

: Books – Isolation Play

Jun 17, Penny rated it it was amazing. Dev gets a call from his mother and decides that he should introduce Lee to his parents. Apr 14, Jess Candela rated it really liked it Shelves: Lee comes out to his coworkers after thinking about the rough week; his coworker Alex a rabbitis accepting but Paul a stag remains distant.

Lee witnesses this as well as the Ultimate Fit Dev filmed earlier and find that it is more graphic than either of them anticipated.

Coach yells at me, Gerrard tells me to focus.