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ISL Datasheet – Multiphase PWM Regulator – Intersil

We recognize that these components form a voltage divider. First, there is,6260 no NTC required for thermal compensation, therefore, the Rn resistor network in the previous section is Power Monitor The power monitor signal tracks the inductor current.

No NTC thermistor is needed and the droop circuit is simplified. Refer to Figure In the example above, the resistance on the DFB pin is Rdrp1 in parallel with Rdrop2, that is, 1k in parallel with 8.

Due to the dynamic operation of the CPU, the inductor current is pulsating and the power monitor signal needs to be filtered.

(PDF) ISL6260 Datasheet download

Rn is then given by Equation 9. At load current step up, the switching frequency is increased resulting in a faster response than conventional fixed frequency PWM controllers. Second, the parallel combination of Rdrp1 and Rdrp2 should equal the parallel combination of the Rs resistors. A low level logic signal on this pin indicates that the micro-processor is in Deeper Sleep Mode. Depending on the state of the system, i. Rmin is the trace resistance from the inductor to the microproccessor datasheeg the phase adtasheet the least resistance.

Power Monitor and Thermal Monitor?

Once the board has been laid out, some adjustments may be required to adjust the sil6260 load droop voltage.

When using inductor DCR current sensing, a single NTC element is used to compensate the positive temperature coefficient of the copper winding thus sustaining the load-line accuracy with reduced cost.

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Current sense can be achieved by using either inductor DCR or discrete precision resistor. The maximum Roc is 30k. When the temperature goes down, the NTC thermistor voltage will eventually go up. These are labeled RS and RO.

ISL6260 Datasheet PDF

To reduce the mismatch, multiply both Datasyeet and Rdrp2 by the appropriate factor. The compensation design has to ensure the output impedance of the converter be lower than datasheett. The ISLC modulator internally synthesizes ddatasheet signals inside the IC emulating the inductor ripple currents and use hysteretic comparators on those signals to determine switching pulse widths. When discrete resistor sensing is used, a capacitor of 10nF should be placed in parallel with RL to properly compensate the current balance circuit.

If the droop voltage is less than 84mV, for example, 80mV. These resistors will provide voltage feedback in the event that the system is powered up without a processor installed.

If the output voltage is decreasing with temperature increase, that ratio between the NTC thermistor value and the rest of the resistor divider network has to be increased. The phase voltages are within 2mV of each other by current balance circuit. Essentially one resistor can replace the RO resistors of each phase and one RS resistor can replace the RS resistors of each phase.

These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. This is presented in Figure Only if the inductor current is really cross zero, does the true DCM occur. Current sensing can be done using either DCR sensing dqtasheet. This is fairly easy and can be accomplished by allowing the system to achieve thermal equilibrium at full load, and then adjusting Rdrp2 to obtain datasheet desired Droop value.

Rdcr is the DCR resistance of the inductor. First we calculate the equivalent NTC network resistance, Rn.

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Accordingly, the reader is cautioned to verify that data sheets are current before placing orders. The multiphase buck converter architecture uses interleaved channels to multiply the output voltage ripple frequency and reduce output channel currents. However, it is important to keep in mind that the output of each of these RS resistors are tied together to create the VSUM voltage node.

Table 2 shows the operation modes of ISLC with combinations of control logic. Unless otherwise specified, tolerance: The comparator changes polarity and turns SW1 off and throws SW2 to 1. As all the phases shares the same hysteretic window voltage, dataeheet also ensures excellent dynamic current balance datasheft phases.

Rtrace is the trace resistance from the inductor to the iel6260 on the phase that needs to be tweaked. If the system is not compensated correctly, the output voltage could sag excessively upon load application and potentially create a system failure.

ISL Datasheet pdf – Multi-Phase Core Regulator for IMVP-VI Mobile CPUs – Intersil

The ISLC has several other key features. Another simplification was done by reducing the NTC network comprised of Rntc, Rseries and Rparallel, given in Figure 46, to a single resistor given as Rn as shown in Figure When PSI is de-asserted low, ISEN2 pin is connected to the ISEN pins of the operational phases internally to keep proper current balance and minimize the inductor current overshoot and undershoot when the disabled phase is enabled again.

One should expect the output voltage to slew to the Boot value of 1. These resistors dattasheet used to sense the DC voltage drop across each inductor.

Power Monitor The power monitor signal is an analog output. It will disable diode emulation.