Get instant access to Irganox® L technical datasheet. It is a multifunctional liquid phenolic antioxidant for processing and long-term thermal stabilization. Multifunctional phenolic antioxidant for processing and long-term thermal stabilization of elastomers, plastics and related products. NameMethyl-4,6-bis(octylsulfanylmethyl)phenol,CASProperties: Molecular Fomula:C25H44OS2,Molar Mass,Densityg/cm 3.

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In one embodiment, both a metallic stearate e. In Equation 1, the metallic stearate, in this case zinc stearate ZnSt is believed to lower the activation barrier by which the antioxidant IRGANOX reacts to produce a chromophore as an undesirable color adduct.

Without intending to be limited by theory, the addition of the CIA as described herein may prevent the formation of the undesirable color adduct via inhibiting 120 reaction as shown in Equation 1.

Styrene, also known as vinyl benzene, ethyenylbenzene and 150 is an organic compound represented by the chemical formula C 8 H 8. In such embodiments, the CIA may function to inhibit CFC formation and may be present prior to the addition of any additional metallic stearates.

The CIA may function to inhibit the oxidation of other components of the polymer composition such as for example and without limitation the antioxidants. Organic polymeric materials stabilized with acylated hydroxy acid type compounds. In addition to the additives that the elastomers contain, the following compounds are used: The method of claim 18 wherein the first reactor vessel is a continuously stirred tank reactor and the second reactor vessel is a plug flow reactor.

Alternatively, a styrenic polymer composition comprises a polymer of styrene, an elastomer having at least one antioxidant, and a CIA. Where numerical ranges or limitations are expressly stated, such express ranges or limitations should be understood to include iterative ranges or limitations of like magnitude falling within the expressly stated ranges irganos limitations e. The method of claim 1 wherein the reaction mixture has a residence time of 0.


In some cases; the antoxidants employed are less amenable to the process than those typically employed in HIPS production thereby compounding irfanox amount of such compounds present in the HIPS production process and the discoloration of the polymer.

The numerical results of these experiments are given in Table 2. In an embodiment, the styrenic polymer composition may comprise a metallic stearate such as zinc stearate.

Use of broader terms such as comprises, includes, having, etc.

Synthesis of Irganox 《Fine Chemicals》年04期

In an embodiment, a mold release agent such as for example ZnSt may be present in the reaction mixture in the range of from ppm to ppm, alternatively from ppm to ppm, alternatively from ppm to ppm.

In an embodiment, the styrenic polymer composition comprises a CIA.

The polymerized product effluent from the first reactor may be referred to herein as the prepolymer. Irhanox method of claim 1 wherein the oxidizing agent is present in an amount of from 50 ppm to ppm.

Zibo Muhui Trading Co. Thus, the claims are a further description and are an addition to the embodiments of the present disclosure. In an embodiment, the use of a CIA such as CSL may reduce color formation in HIPS comprising of one or more oxidizing agents such as peroxides, hydroperoxides or peroxide mixtures, irhanox stearates or combinations thereof.

Said reaction mixture may be introduced to a polymerization reactor system, which will be described in detail later herein to allow for the formation of a styrenic polymer composition.

Metallic stearate additives are neutralizing agents which may aid in the processing of polymer resins by neutralizing acidic sites as well as aiding mold release. Initiators, sometimes referred to as accelerators, are compounds that function as the source of free radicals to enable the polymerization of styrene. It is non-staining, non-discoloring, low in volatility, and stable to light and heat.

Reactors and conditions for the production of a styrenic polymer composition are disclosed in U.


irganox 1520 equivalent

The results of the color measurements are presented in Table 1. The pilot unit is a full-scale representation of a commercial line. Muhui Place of Origin: Additional features and advantages of the embodiments will be described hereinafter that form the subject of the claims.

We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity? The polymeric composition emerging from the prepolymerization reactor may then enter a second reactor such as described previously or other reactor located downstream of the prepolymerization reactor where oxidizing agents such as a metallic stearate may be introduced.

Alternatively, the reaction mixture comprises styrene and an oxidizing agent. Process for the production of elastomeric diene polymers with improved properties. These results are graphically represented in FIGS. In an embodiment, the antioxidant is present with an elastomer.

CSL and optionally additional components as needed to impart the desired physical properties.

Antioxidant 1520, Irganox 1520, CAS 110553-27-0

Mass polymerization, also known as bulk polymerization refers to the polymerization of a monomer irgankx the absence of any medium other than the monomer and a catalyst or polymerization initiator. The Hunter calorimeter uses an opponent-color scale that proved measurements of color in units of approximate visual uniformity.

The content of such third party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above. The foregoing has outlined rather broadly the features and technical advantages of the present disclosure in order that the detailed description of the embodiments that follows may be better understood.

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