At the back of the book there are some really interesting recommendations for fighters (zercher squat & deadlift, stir the pot) Pavel then says. Pavel sets us straight with his own list article of ab training mistakes. He ended up winning the “Best Abs” award and, more importantly. The highlights of Pavel’s HardStyle Abs program: Why high reps have failed you- and the secret sauce that will have your abs tuned for heavy action all day long.

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The book is sharply edited, has great, clear photos, and is well-footnoted for anyone who wants to geek out on the hardatyle references. Like many other of Pavel’s writings, this book contains many ‘”Bang for your Buck” nuggets of information. Not worth the purchase if you have Pavels older books!

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part by Pavel Tsatsouline

Mar 08, Brent Pickett rated it really liked it. THESE 4 steps will elevate you to elite-level muscular coordination and turn your body into an unbreakable chain…Pages I am amazed how much easier it is to do deadlifts and shoulder presses using this technique. This is a book that is also backed up from a biomechanical standpoint through various Dr.


Where was this exercise 20 years ago????

How to safeguard and strengthen THIS vulnerable spot—and see a dramatic increase in training intensity…Page This work I believe best represents… Read More. Alan Powys rated it it was amazing Mar 24, So tell me why did you keep this a secret???

THIS little-known secret bas elite gymnasts develop their amazing hafdstyle body strength…Page The 3 best types of ammo to put an end to “zombie” muscle—and for developing the explosive tone of an elite athlete…Page 4. By Pavel Paperback pages. I purchased the book as an E-Book as soon as it was released.

Want to Read saving…. Please type your review in the space below characters left. Books by Pavel Tsatsouline. Simply obey the commands. After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Pavel has identified three “killer” drills, as all you need to achieve this level of mid-section mastery.

HardStyle Abs

Well worth the price. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are nuggets of wisdom thrown liberally every other page.


Trivia About Hard Style Abs: Sean rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Pavel explains very good training hzrdstyle, the hardstyle breathing technique, the sit-ups and the leg raises are killer exercises.

Once more, perhaps more than ever, you see how high a class Pavel belongs to when he continues to credit even his detractors for some original thought or the other.

Open Preview See a Problem? Raising the Bar paperback Book.

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part

Thank you, you have successfully signed up for our mailing list s. Grant rated it liked it Jul 26, Your review will not hardatyle displayed until validated by Dragon Door staff.

Why every fighter needs greater “reflexive rotary stability”—and how to get it…Page Pavel finally has got across to me the idea of the Power Breath. How to properly employ the pelvis—and see your strength gains skyrocket…Pages