Why Limit Yourself? It’s part of what you sign up for with a point-based game like GURPS, but nobody likes to be forced to omit part of a nifty character concept. Although the title seems counterintuitive this is perhaps the most usefull of the Power-Ups Line. Often when translating an ability from fiction or. GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations previously at faq/FAQhtml#SS How do you apply enhancements and limitations to a .

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If yousuccumb for a minute a second, for Stunningand can rollagainst HT once per minute second after that to recover,apply a limitation equal in size to the equivalent enhance-ments. They do impaling damage. Area-effect abilities should generally take Selective Area p. If your roll fails, all future attempts to activate the ability until you succeed cost a flat 1 FP but are at no additionalpenalty. Expanded AftermathWith GM permission, other limitations may haveAftermath variants that kick in after the fact, halving their nor-mal values.

Applying a limitation to only part of the advantagelets you create an ability thats more potent in situationswhere the limitation doesnt interfere.

GURPS 4E – Power-Ups 8 – Limitations – [PDF Document]

I think it is kind of an interesting choice to split the enhancements and limitations across two volumes, but meh, I dunno if I even care that much. One of their minor abilities is that, in timesof great stress, they can shrug off hellfire attacks.


She can strike with ST 27, which gives her 3d-1 thrust damage. Environment is present most of the time, but aresourceful foe could arrange for it to be absent; e. If the weapon canbe used at range, and its ranged damage is better than its meleedamage or you plan on adding ranged modifiers to it, seeMuscle-Powered Ranged Weapons p.

GURPS 4e – Power Ups 4 – Enhancements.pdf

Those defaults are limited by the Rule of 20 p. Enhancements is copyright by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Terminal Condition limitation, He suf-fers 1d-3 minimum 1 each of fatigue and injury. Apply all enhancements and limitations, and then roundup to the nearest point.

When he hits someone, they take fulldamage regardless of DR, their DR is reduced by 1 forevery 5 points of damage, and natural DR does not healnormally from this attack! It is still reduced by 1 forevery 5 points of basic damage, however, as thats part of howcorrosion damage works, not a Cosmic effect. Active Defense limitation, 10; Independent,10; under the hood, Your attack canbe dodged or parried, but notblocked.

B 1 Long-Distance Modifiers p. Impulse Buys — Discover new and different ways to spend character points to give you a crucial — but temporary — edge! Bthe rulesfor extremely close range shots Shotguns and MultipleProjectiles, p. Before Uther,it belonged to Lud, before Lud, to Beowulf, beforeBeowulf to Baldur the Good, before Baldur to Thorhimself and that was when the world was young andthere were more than seven colors in the rainbow.

This cannot be combined with Glamour pp. Your ability can operate only for a limited length of time. Environment is present all the time, outsideof one or two unusual situations that would be difficult for anenemy to arrange; e.


For step 1, because attacks have Acc 3 by default,this requires the Accurate 6 enhancement. Second, you can substitute an Influence roll;if so, unless the GM feels that it was especially appropriate orinappropriate, success produces the equivalent of a Good reac-tion. To get a switchable meta-trait, buy anAlternate Form. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this material via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal,and punishable by law.

Destructive Parry enhancement, B andAlternative Enhancements p. In particular, Cosmic, Nodie roll required, is strictly forbidden!

She pays 20 0. Certain aspects arentuseful even on normally permitted abilities, though; forinstance, Visualization is so slow that Aspected, Combatwould make it worthless.

GURPS 4E – Power-Ups 8 – Limitations

They can end its effects at any time by breaking contact withyou. Every timehe uses that extra strength to lift, grapple, or throw, he must rollagainst HT. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.