FTTX Concepts and Applications [Gerd Keiser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book presents fundamental passive optical network. This book presents fundamental passive optical network (PON)concepts, providing you with the tools needed to understand,design, and build. FTTX concepts and applications / by Gerd Keiser. p. cm. — (Wiley series in telecommunications and signal processing) “A Wiley-Interscience publication.

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This book presents fundamental passive optical network PON concepts needed to understand, design, and build high-capacity links for access networks.

VBR is used for bursty traffic sources, which require small delay variations jitter. This situation changed with the advent of powerful personal computers, which cre- ated a demand for applucations bandwidth-hungry applications and services, each of which could consume several megabits per second. This last area encompasses Ethernet passive optical network implementations with either 1-to or 1-to optical power splitting ratios.

Optical power distribution in the core and cladding of the lowest-order guided mode of an optical fiber. Note, however, that the quantum efficiency is not a constant at all wavelengths, since it varies according to the photon energy. There is an installed base of over million Ethernet ports, which has resulted in low-cost and highly reliable components that wnd widely available worldwide.

FTTX Concepts and Applications

These installations include shelters located at a curb or in a centralized place within an office park. Network architecture for Problems 8.

Noise is present in every communication system and represents a basic limita- tion on the transmission and detection of signals. Progressive broadening and attenuation of two adjacent pulses traveling along a fiber. The sensitivity is important in relation to the optical power budget see Chapter 11since, for example, a 3-dB sensitivity improvement can double the size of the power splitter so that more applicatipns can be attached to the PON.


Wiley-IEEE Press

An architecture consisting of point-to- point Ethernet links is a competing access network technology. Appendix C Video Transmission.

For PON applications these mod- ules are mounted inside the various transceiver packages described in Section 4. Since the ranging procedure has a limited accuracy, a guard time is placed between consecutive bursts from the ONTs to avoid collisions of the independent packets.

FTTX Concepts and Applications – Gerd Keiser – Google Books

Describe some advantages and limitations to using a an EPON architecture to connect all 16 subscribers and b point-to-point Ethernet links running from the central office to each sub- scriber. Since voice and video packets normally are small compared to data packets, mixing the two types of traffic using ordinary multiplexing techniques can cause unaccept- able delays in the time-sensitive traffic.

Video overlay service to BPON subscribers. Key features of the book for accomplishing this are: Replacing active devices with passive components provides a cost savings to the service provider by eliminating the need to power and manage active components in the cable system of the access network. A more efficient process is dynamic bandwidth allocation DBAwherein time slots of an idle or low-utilization user are assigned to a more active customer.

Dynamic bandwidth allocation DBA is a methodology that allows quick reap- portioning of bandwidth on the PON based on current traffic requirements. This document takes into account the collective requirements of the leading communication service providers in the world.


Chapter 11, on PON designs, covers how the components are selected and arranged to meet network performance requirements. Many of these frequencies do not require a license, such as the 5. In a standard tele- phone line the electric power needed to operate a basic phone is provided by means of the copper-based phone line.

This application enables a viewer to use a set top box to select any of a large number of TV channels. As shown in Figure 9. In contrast, the idle-cell monitoring procedure is done only at the OLT. Non-real-time services are used for applications that do not have tight constraints on delay or delay variations.

In this situation only a small fraction of the ONT3 bandwidth is being used to send idle cells in order to keep the link in synchronization. This condition results in small delay variations or jitter in cell traffic, which can degrade the signal quality. They are given as guidelines for comparison purposes. Optical transmitter types and their operating characteristics are described in Chapter 4. This could range from interconnections between buildings covering sev- eral blocks within a city or could encompass an entire city and the metropolitan area surrounding it.

Here distribution cable 1 runs to a distri- bution box in an office park where up to eight separate business buildings can be served.

Chapter 8 Ethernet in the First Mile. General GPON architecture and characteristics.