FLUTE TRILL FINGERING CHART. O = open. • = pressed down. Move the red key rapidly to produce the trill. Co. APO PROSOPST o oo olo To. Capo to. F#. Note the piccolos are often even fussier than flutes and the same fingerings that work on flute might not work on piccolo. Flute Trill Fingering Chart. Purchase. A trill should always be to the next note in the key signature, unless indicated by an accidental after the trill sign (ex..) Trill those keys indicated by red color.

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Harmonic A 4 -Bb 4 ; flat. Leak hole 1 if desired. All applicants must sign up and submit their recording by December 1, Slightly sharp, but interval is in tune. The exact amount to cover is also critical for the b” in the cchart to speak and be in tune. Sharp; good response for ff ; a little awkward. Best black and white trill chart for printing: This trill chart is a quick reference guide for all those trills that we are sometimes not quite sure of at the moment.

The second resource listed is my favorite. Qty 1 Add to cart. Awkward but more in-tune B 6. Or use the c”’ over b” b trill fingering. Many of these fingerings can also be used as alternate fingerings for some fast passages.


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Best, Jen Thursday, July 06, Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Choose the fingerings that work best on your instrument, after making a serious attempt to understand those recommended in 18th century sources. T Bb Eb. Please come by and visit us to see the latest in flutes and all the wonderful accessories to go along with them! Trill Written Fingering Description Src.

T 1 23 G Flat Bb; excellent C. Read more product reviews. The b” tends to be a little sharp. Less sharp than previous fingering. Bb Eb. T G Eb Flat Eb. Both the c”’ and b” tend to be sharp; shading with finger 2 is good if one has a lot of time. T G Eb. We have omitted such basic trills in order to keep the chart small and readable.

T Eb.

Teaching & Health :: Fingering Resources :: Altissimo Flute Trill Chart Card

Same as above, grill shade or cover part of hole 5 a bit less. Altissimo Flute Trill Chart Card. It can help to keep finger 1 near its hole, or to lower the key a bit, while trilling. The trill, if short and quick, can be done with only finger 4, leaving hole 6 closed. See below for another fingering. Harmonic A 4 -B 4 ; flat.


Keys to be trilled are indicated in red. The trill is narrow, so don’t prolong the alterations of E and D, if possible.

The trill chart features easy to follow fingerings from C1 to D4, and includes options for the Flue -trill key all at your fingertips. Can you recommend a great flute repair person in the Vancouver area? Sign Up for Savings.

Searching the chart The chart below shows both the lower and the upper notes of a trill.

T 1 — C In tune. B 1 2 3 1 -3 B A little awkward. B Bb Eb. Trills often end with a turn. Trill Written Fingering Description Src. Free Online Flute Trill Charts 1. Bb Eb Flat C. Frill, for models with C trill key.

If you don’t find the notes you are looking for, that’s usually because no adequate alternative to the basic fingerings exists.