EPX Body is focused on overall Health & Wealth one is not much good without the other so we offer both. Review and print out the COMPENSATION PLAN. EPXBody () was founded by Dan Putnam. EPXBody is based out of Layton, Utah. EPXBody offers the following compensation plan. While there is no “perfect” network marketing compensation plan, EPX Body shows integrity by making their compensation plan as fair and lucrative as possible.

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EPX Body Compensation Plan – Nine (9) Ways to Earn!

Very little information is posted on the TVI Express web site about who founded the corporation and how much background they have within the industry. You will find everything you need including smoothie recipes, videos, leads and samples for getting weight loss customers, and more. Base d on my analysis this company uses wise motivational strategies and extreme integrity to create high retention rates. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The descriptive material offered is best categorized as “snapshot” information and represents a good starting point for research on Company products, services and opportunities. Putnam has over 17 years of experience in the direct selling industry, building organizations overdistributors and creating six and seven figure incomes.


Be sure to watch our most popular EPX Body video here: This site uses cookies. Talk about a motivator. You can literally count the dollars adding up as you lose weight. Below I will highlight 3 nice methods to generate MLM leads on your own. Norwegian Body Builders visit tiny Town to looks like Monsters!

Jump to this page: EPX Body was founded in early by Dan Putnama pan successful network marketer with an impressive career. Is this system truly legit? Its the easiest business that I have ever done and it pays really well. Indian girl forced to show off her body. EPX members can purchase compensatioj through the company.

Then help those 4 to get 4. The product itself focuses on the electricity we make use of day in and day out.

EPX Body Compensation Plan – Nine (9) Ways to Earn! – video dailymotion

There are a few other important elements of the EPX Body compensation plan to illustrate: The company guarantees that you will make money or you get all your money back. MLM or pyramid scheme. With no income disclosure statement indicating what percentage of affiliates actually make money, your guess is as good as ours.

This is a huge improvement over the standard MLM practice of needing clients to be on a monthly autoship to acquire the retail bonuses. This is for example only.


There is never a mandatory rise in autoship in EPX Body. This could result in very fast growth and high retention rates.

This page will be updated regularly to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible to help you with your EPX business. Com does not promote or endorse any Company. You have control over your health and wealth…and now with EPX Body you can have the vehicle to reach your goals.

The 12 Weeks Plan of Action. Com offers no value judgments, either pro or con, regarding the Companies. Science has shown that with proper nutrition, diet, and exercise, you can improve your genetics and the genetics of generations to follow. I will make no income claims or representations regarding the Company Compensation Plan, remembering that ideal projections of the Company Compensation Plan are unrealistic.

Building a brand like EPX Body that can change the future of literally millions of people is not something they take lightly. Roger, il canguro body builder fa impazzire il web.

Is it worth the money?

If you were not referred by anyone and you have no sponsor, then click here.