The Diary of a Nobody, by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith; 4th This fictitious diary details fifteen months in the life of Mr. Charles Pooter. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Diary of a Nobody is a comic masterpiece which has been hugely influential since its first publication in This edition features Weedon Grossmith’s.

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Expect a gentle sit-com, not laugh out loud gekrge style—and tune in to the delicate ridiculing of social attitudes and individual stereotypes on offer. Much easier and more pleasant to read than something by Dickens, and leaves out the mundane descriptions with which most writers of the Victorian age felt compelled to saturate their writing.

The Diary of a Nobody – Wikisource, the free online library

What it pokes fun at still exists in present day society and everyday life though and the subtle, not so subtle, witty and cringe-making elements of its sending up have resurfaced many times over in other comic guises and genre. Unsurprisingly, their attempts backfire and only make them look more ridiculous in the eyes of their acquaintances. Wikipedia article grosmsith, Commons category. I had to look up some words, which perhaps I should have known, like, what’s a scraper?

Mike – September 10, The nlbody was excellent but I was bored. However with this reader with the voice he has makes this book come to life and very well worth the time. I found him a little reminiscent of “The Irish R. First, he creat George Grossmith was an English comedian, writer, composer, actor, and singer.


Jul 26, Tenzin rated it it was amazing. The social ladder is of key importance in the novel, as the Pooters high social aspirations are depicted through their humorous attempts to conceal their lower middle class status.

April begins with another social disaster. Pooter’s errors are manifestations of our own, his idiosyncracies relatable and his profound anguish on being thought of as a complete and utter dunce – mirror-like! As a person who has never even seen a domestic servant much less employed one, the battle of control betw Mr.

Please sign in and confirm your date of s in your profile so we can verify your eligibility. His performing career spanned more than four decades.

The Punch serialisation attracted little critical comment; The Athenaeum ‘ s literary critic thought the series “may have escaped unnoticed amid better jokes”. WellsArnold Fiary and E. The writers do not patronise this hapless clerk; there is no hint of facile aspirations as there is no invitation to laugh at social gaffes, the response elicited is very much dependent on the reader more than anything else.

The Diary of a Nobody – Wikipedia

He continued his career on the stage with considerable success untilmaking his name playing roles he described as “cowards, cads and snobs”, and as browbeaten small men under the thumb of authority. Jun 02, FoodxHugs rated it really liked it Shelves: The premise also reminded me of the British TV show, ‘Keeping Up Appearances,’ because though Pooter is always reminding himself, and his son, how an ordinary life with ordinary aspirations can bring lasting happiness, he also makes every effort to ‘improve his station,’ if only he can.


He died in And yet, it rarely read like a “classic” – it felt contemporary. The Diary of a Nobody is exactly what its title says it is. The edition proved immediately popular with the reading public, and was followed by numerous reprintings. Other social events also turn sour: I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make it great, though!

Lupin, like Mr Huttle, has original and sometimes wonderful ideas; but it goerge those ideas that are so dangerous. At about the time that Waugh was discovering his affection for the Diary another writer, J.

Want to Read saving…. Books like this challenge that view: I thought we should never stop laughing. The diary is written by Mr Pooter, a senior bank clerk who works in the City of London view spoiler [ now that’s a Britishism As it is, he simply writes down the minute by minute of his event-less life.

Perkupp, Lupin finally secures a clerical position with a firm of stockbrokers grosamith November. With the help egorge Pooter’s employer Mr.

The Diary of a Nobody

Greatest parties in literature. Forstercharacters emerged who, despite the recognisably Pooterish aspects of their lives, were by diart means entirely absurd. BBC Radio 4 Extra. Replace the Victorian settings with today’s, and this could be my life or yours.

It sported laid-back and believable everyday humour with not so readily apparent existential undercurrents.