Player’s Handbook 3 (), by Mike Mearls with Bruce R. Cordell and Robert J. Schwalb, is the third core player’s book for D&D 4e. Player’s Handbook 3: A 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebook [Mike Mearls, Rob Heinsoo, Robert J. Schwalb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Player’s Handbook 3 for 4E D&D adds to the game with a pile of new character options. New races, classes, the Psionic Power Source.

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Table of All D&D 4E Character Classes [Updated – Player’s Handbook 3]

Home Podcasts Suggest a podcast topic! As vaguely humanoid, fairly normal-looking creatures, I think, out of all the new races in this book, the Githzerai would fit best into normal campaigns. Like the OP, if there are any errata out there, I’d be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction I can come up with something on my own which will probably simply be “yes, the Monk class qualifies you for the feat” but if those who have gone before have discovered wisdom, I am all for hearing it.

If you have a party full of casters, then your average Leader has no crazy melee Strikers to help position and buff, and no tanks to protect and heal. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

The racial Paragon Path is quite viable. Both their ability scores and powers lend themselves to spellcasting, particularly Controlling: You’ll find the time and effort saved in character construction and rules lookup from the character builder and compendium pay d&v themselves several fold.

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D&D 4E Player’s Handbook 3: In-Depth Review

Errors Dd& following errors occurred with your submission. Wednesday, 30th December, Basically, you get the ability to choose your Powers from either class with a few technicalitiesin exchange for losing some class features.

Purchase from Amazon here: In addition, you can take the feat, confusingly called Skill Power, in order to gain a Skill Power without having to swap one of your Utilities for it.

This is the first such class, and its implementation is… interesting. Anyone who likes Warhammer Dwarves will likewise be quite comfortable with the feel of this class. Post as a guest Name.

The Movement Technique offers some sort of non-attack, and is a Move Action. Finally, there is a lot of love for those who want to further enhance their opportunity attacks. Specifically, a Pixie Monk from the new “Heroes of the Feywild” book.

The general style will appeal to those whose liked, in previous editions, Clerics who ran into combat and hit stuff with large hammers: However, they have their own special trick: Twenty Five Edition Wizards of the Coast. Proudly powered by WordPress. The Monk Paragaon Paths support a good selection of playstyles. Many of their Powers grant bonuses to allies adjacent to either you, or to your target.

D&D 4E Player’s Handbook 3: In-Depth Review | Dice of Doom

The Runepriest is a stark contrast to the Ardent, and yet strangely similar. They are hemmed into a single way of playing, spamming Ranged Basic Attacks, and I think the class concept has a lot more potential than that. Friday, 25th December, ph3, A Feat can be taken to regain some lost class features, and you can Paragon Multiclass for lhb3 more.


If the terrain suits, they can augment their force movement Powers. Their Powers, augmentation options, and abilities are all written well to provide a good selection of interesting options.

Table of All D&D 4E Character Classes [Updated – Player’s Handbook 3] | Dice of Doom

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Out of the Far Realm they came: We’re all really looking forward to this campaign. By clicking “Post Your 4w, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

A conventional Controller, like a Wizard, has a large variety of Powers which often do quite different things. The writers have erred on the side of underpowered for the individual features, because of the inherrent power than having two classes offers. Join D&r Jan Posts Sign up using Facebook. Dragon Issue – Jul