Here are top 34 objective type sample DB2 Interview questions and their answers are given just below to them. These sample questions are framed by experts. db2 udb dbA Interview Qustions. 1st Day . Thanks for answers, here are few basic DB2 interview questions and answers. ReplyDelete. Mainframe DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions, FAQs. Answer: Both online and offline are there, online reorg allows other transaction to.

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The primary use of DCLGEN comes during the pre-compilation phase where it helps in detecting the misspelt column names. With three space station fliers heading home Sunday after. The physical database answer managed by the DB2 component called Adn manager. These include intent locks. What are the parms that needs to be set to take an online back of the DB? YES if it is still in dynamic package cache.

Clustering index is a type of index, which locates the table rows and determines how to group the rows together in the tablespace. The buffer pool is a reserved main storage, which is to satisfy the buffering requirements for one or more table spaces or indexes.

Your email address will not be published. Load is faster than import, import is like bulk insert, every thing goes to the transaction log. How can you make sure you only return 10 rows? Have you worked in portioned db?


Review and pay your bill, sign-up to pay your bill automatically, and see the latest upgrade offers and deals. The database from which the data can be retrieved is in the form of 4 kilobytes or 32 kilobytes.

What is a common table?

It also permits data to be accessed by other applications who can reference the committed data. OS kernel configuration; E. Whats snow flow schema??

DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers

Besides these questions, I would also be looking for the following qualities in a strong candidate: If db2start is dbb2 a long time, what should you do? How can you see all the connected processes running against the database?

Defines the maximum number of private memory pages to be used for private sorts, or the maximum number of shared memory pages to be used for shared sorts.

Would you load data to the production tables directly? Questions about IBM products find reliable answers from a trusted source. Questions about IBM products find reliable answers from a trusted source Dr. Build phase of load utility does a sort? How unterview I view the SQL that is still in dynamic package cache? What is a reorg?

Following a DB2 update statement, what is the quickest way to compute the total number of updated rows? Until a COMMIT is taken table locks are retained, which can prevent other concurrent processes wuestions accessing the table resulting in lock wait. DBRMs form inputs that are helpful in the binding process.


When an application use private sort? Someone with a background in database development and some years in at least one non-database programming language; someone who can understand development challenges. DB2 is a database product from IBM. This is the table that contains information on the links that exists between the tables created through referential constraints.

Logging What are the kinds of logging? How can transaction design affect performance? inteerview

Db2 Udb Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Can I import a file of extension WSF? Data page can be considered as a unit that is capable of retrieving data from the database. What kind of maintenance needs to be done with logs? Use lnterview tables If application team is contacting you telling the application is running very inrerviewwhat all things you will check out? This is a module that consists of SQL source statements that get extracted out of the application program. Have you been part of design?