This software/documentation contains proprietary information of Cognos .. Framework Manager User. Guide. Creating and publishing models using. This document applies to IBM® Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence Version and may How is IBM Cognos 8 PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 After Exporting to PDF the Label for the OTHER Category in a Pie Chart . Transformer is used when you insert the Cube File Name into the report title. To use modeling tools, such as Framework Manager and IBM Cognos For instructions about installing and configuring IBM Cognos BI Server, see the IBM Cognos Series 7.x Transformer models to IBM Cognos BI Transformer or later.

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Page 86 The name you specify for the levels must match the source column name. Returns a string with trailing poweeplay removed. Page TR The currency table populate failed. TR An error occurred during the creation of a PowerCube. Optimization of the Operating Environment. You can overwrite it with other data values.

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TR The currency table populate failed. You have tried to create a subdimension based on a category in a manual level. For example, you can specify the basic approach, a different target time period for your new category, a new context in which the IBM Cognos Transformer Version Cognos Transformer can then use columns from other data sources to obtain values for the ancestor categories.

The syntax for using the -k option is as follows Set Dimension Allocation Cognos Transformer automatically allocates a measure as a constant throughout an entire dimension when the source of the measure does not reference that dimension. Set the Level of Detail for Dates Values for some measures in a model often apply to time periods that are not at the lowest level in the time dimension.

In these situations, Cognos Transformer uses Categories optimization. The second rollup, Last period, yields a QTY of for Create Cubes With External Rollups 3.


In batch mode, you can use the -i option to bypass the prompt and force Cognos Transformer to open the original model file instead of the checkpoint file. Verifying Your Model Cognos Transformer provides a built-in validation tool to help you identify problems with your model design. Page 40 Signons list, and is not saved in the model.

Cognos Products and Tools

More Information Less Information. Page 68 imported packages 17 drill-through formats using in IBM Cognos BI changes to decimals using in IBM Cognos Series 7 defining for dates drill-through targets formatting adding or removing date values in time dimensions The IBM Cognos package or report is a container source against which queries are defined.

OLAP packages with parent-child hierarchies, Cognos Transformer will interpret each parent and child as unique dimensions. You can remove them entirely, or you can hide them from specific user groups defined in your configured Cognos namespace.

By default, Cognos Transformer stores suspended models with the extension. Creating a Single Calculated Category Perform the following steps to create a single calculated category. Page enabling to speed build times time-state rollup example upgrade timing of rollup operations 98 MUN prompt member unique names relational metadata 22 resolving uniqueness problems 23 members 63 IBM Cognos Transformer Version From the Welcome page, click Create a new model to use the New Model wizard to add the largest structural data source to your model.

IBM Cognos User Manual

Guice releases of Cognos Transformer prior to version 8. Setting Up The Time Dimension On the dimension line, a time dimension is identified by this icon Time dimensions contain date levels arranged in descending order.

If Cognos Transformer provides one or more locations in the data source that may be appropriate for unmatched columns, do one of the following: You can either open the model at the last checkpoint before failure and continue to develop it from that point, or continue from the point where you last saved the file.

Text Functions Reverses the characters in a string. When you disable allocation, Cognos Transformer creates data points with missing values, which appear as zeros in your OLAP reports.


When users access cubes and reports in their reporting component, they must enter the password in the Cube Logon dialog box to see the data. Create Special Category Levels You can create drill-down levels by using special categories, thereby providing your users with an alternate drill-down path that uses a structure not supplied by your source data.

Either you have referred to a PowerCube group by an object name or object identifier that Cognos Transformer is unable to locate, or you have not referenced the PowerCube group. The whole portfolio was monthly analyzed and several criteria checked in order to extr act a list of possible defaults.

Cognos Transformer will not generate any date categories if they follow a non-date level.

Page 19 Guidr can use Cognos Transformer to presummarize the data when your users do not require access to all the details in the source. Your relative time dimension now contains the specified future time periods. Please check if there is enough free disk space in gyide temporary directory. Cognos Transformer has created a key orphanage in the target level for a cube group. When you split a single, large data source into smaller, denormalized sources, you can shorten the processing time if the columns in all measure-containing sources are associated with unique levels cobnos the model.

Page Page – Appendix B. This prompt exists in the Cognos Transformer query, but cannot be found in the report or package used as a data source.

Page Model query subjects are extracted using the same mechanism by which queries are executed within IBM Cognos. However, you can create PowerCubes directly in Cognos Finance.