Cobian Backup uses a simplified approach to backing up and restoring your . Manually, This will allow you to type out the path to the files or. Cobian Backup is an excellant free backup software for Windows. Read this review and tutorial to learn how to use Cobian Backup. This is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Cobian Backup software. Cobian is a simple file replication software that allows users to restore lost/ damaged.

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If your service is running under an account different from LocalService, then if you change the password of the account, the service will fail to logon, because it tries to logon using the old password. Q- Backhp would like to backup files that are open exclusively by another application. If you have control over your FTP server, try increasing the Timeout value for accepted transfers backpu connections.

I was searching for a good backup program that is a freeware and stumbled up on Cobian Backup.

The log file says that the program was no found but the program IS running. But there is no mention of restoring based on a date…Does this software has restore feature?

Being an Administrator means that you can potentially access any file but if some user or the system eliminates the Administrator as a member of the list bacup allowed users, guess what… the backup program will not have access either to those files. English language is pre selected, but there is a wide range of choices to choose from.

Cobian – Backup theory

Which command line arguments can I use with Cobian Backup? Installation of the backup software The first step is to download the software from the author’s page.

A – The program is calculating the total sizes of the sources.


However I get a message saying that there are some errors. But I’ll tell you a secret. The cause of this error could be that there is some problems with permissions or that there are some programs like Daemon Tools creating some virtual drives that can confuse the VSS system. For example, Proftpd can be configured to send hidden files in a listing: Please don’t ask me about this. Yes, it’s ineffective but the solution for this case is: If you wish to have it start every time do not change any of the defaults.

Unless you have one task per hard drive, you win nothing with simultanious executions. This can be done from the control panel or from the user interface Options-General-Service and Application control 2 Another possibility is that you are trying to start the service under an account that has an empty password. However, as time goes on you rely more and more on the information stored on your PC. Be aware that Cobian Backup uses many features in the zip files like zip64 or Unicode file names that many unpackers don’t support.

Change your temporary directory for zip files on the options dialog. In this version, you can also enter a window’s class name. Uncheck “Use file attributes logic”, but bear in mind that many features will not work with this method.

But there is a warning to you anyway. The system can be re-installed from the original media.

If your sources contain a huge number of file or it is a network source, this can be time consuming. Choose it depending up on the updates you make.

Please do NOT contact me every timme the server is down. There are different methods of creating a backup of your data, but this tutorial will only focus on one possibility, using a freeware tool called Cobian Backup. June 8, at 3: Next, set up pre-backup Events like launch an application, close programs etc. But compression as cool at it seems has actually some disadvantages: I don’t have ANY manjal to make a Recovery function. Once you done setting it click OK and start the Task.


I recommend you to backup your backup history as well. Run the utility “Repair permissions” which you find under your Tools menu. To make matters worse, there always seems to be a security hole in your software or operating system that is not fixed fast enough that could From this screen it is also possible to password protect all of the compressed files so that you are unable cobbian extract the files without entering a password.

Oh, and did I say that storage is very cheap these days? In this version, you CAN use timestamps.

Cobian Backup – An Excellent Free Backup Software for Windows

This makes it easier to restore individual files as needed. You may need to have the nanual amount of space in your temporary directory too. In the above screen, click on the Add button in the Source category to backhp the files and folders you wish to backup. That’s why a full backup will always occur. A – Remember that the engine can be running under a different account, for example, under LocalSystem.

Using Cobian Backup to restore your data. This backup coban be a Full backup and will backup every file that you have selected. This means that if backup logs are lost or the program is no longer installed you have no way of restoring your data from the backups. Why the program fails to backup some files? Q- I want to backup to a FTP.