The Chalder fatigue scale is widely used to measure physical and mental fatigue in chronic fatigue syndrome patients, but the constructs of the scale have not. Previous validation studies of the Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFS) suffer methodological shortcomings. The present study aimed to re-evaluate its. PDF | On Jan 4, , Craig Andrew Jackson and others published The Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ 11).

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Journal of Affective Disorders. Model modification in covariance structure analysis: Application of the expected parameter change statistic.

Factor structure and gender invariance from exploratory structural equation modeling analyses in a high-stakes setting. From Body to Mind and Spirit: The results demonstrate the satisfactory reliability and convergent validity for the three-factor structure of the CFS as a valid measure of fatigue symptoms in the general population.

Cella M, Chalder T. Future longitudinal studies are needed to elucidate the causal pathways and predictive validity of fatigue on physical and mental outcomes. Methods A Chinese sample of community-dwelling residents completed the item Chinese CFS and a variety of health measures anxiety, depression, exhaustion, svale disturbance, and quality of life.

It remains open to question whether fatgiue findings replicated the original two-factor model or provided evidence in support of a three-factor model.

The participants provided informed consent and completed a self-report online questionnaire on fatigue and health measures. The NEO personality inventory-revised: Exploratory structural equation modeling of personality T.

A difference greater than 10 in the BIC indicates a practically significant improvement in model fit. Five variables, namely gender, age, exercise, perceived health, and life event, were added to the ESEM model as model covariates.

Chalder fatigue scale

The total scale scores for anxiety seven itemsdepression seven itemsand sleep disturbance ranged from 0 to The sub-scales of physical and psychological fatigue are not used here, but rather the respondent receives a global binary fatigue score ranging chslder 0 to Model modification was performed based on modification index with reference to standardized expected parameter change [ 26 ].


Make slips of the tongue 1. FongJessie S. More on this topic The psychological and fatiuge health effects of fatigue. Exploring the validity of the Chalder Fatigue Scale in chronic fatigue syndrome. Given the methodological limitations of the existing validation studies, there is a clear need for systematic psychometric analysis on this widely used scale. American Journal of Psychiatry. First, most of these studies adopted the outdated principal component analysis and varimax rotation approaches.

Testing chaalder invariance of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale using the classical approach and Bayesian approach. Exploratory factor analysis estimates the cross-loadings and results in more realistic factor structure.

Factor 4 was correlated with interview and self-rated measures of scle. The need for a reliable self-completion tool that can measure this subjective condition, either in extreme clinical cases or in routine day-to-day functioning, has never been greater [ 3 ]. The associations chalxer the CFS factors and the covariates are presented in Fig.

Cutoff criteria for fit indexes in covariance structure analysis: However, the revised three-factor CFA model still failed to provide an acceptable fit. The ESEM models used oblique geomin rotation [ 25 ] and identified exploratory factors by estimating the factor loadings on all factors within a structural equation modeling framework [ 1516 ].

The over-restriction could contribute to a lack of model fit and inflated factor correlations in CFA models. Cross-cultural validation chaldrr the Chalder Fatigue Questionnaire in Brazilian primary care.

Bayesian structural equation modeling: Factor 1 fatigus correlated with subjective everyday cognitive difficulties, concentration difficulties, and a deficit in paired associate learning. The relationship between chronic fatigue and somatization syndrome: Feel sleepy or drowsy fztigue.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Citing articles via Web of Science The three-factor ESEM model showed a satisfactory model fit to the data but not for the two-factor model. Skip to cualder form Skip to main content. Structural Equation Modeling-a Multidisciplinary Journal. Fatigue was assessed using the Chinese version of the CFS [ 13 ].


The aim of the study reported herein was to examine the psychometric properties of the CFS in a large Chinese community sample.

Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation. Hard to find the correct word.

Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ 11) | Occupational Medicine | Oxford Academic

In addition to traditional confirmatory factor analysis, ESEM was performed to assess the fit of two- and three-factor models using robust maximum likelihood estimation and oblique geomin rotation. Email alerts New issue alert. Although they claimed to successfully replicate the original two-factor structure by showing a superior model fit for the latter model, the second-order factor model with only two first-order factors was actually statistically unidentified and addition of a second-order factor should not result in a decrease in model Chi-square.

Further studies should attempt to delineate the profile of and identify individuals with heightened fatigue levels via mixed modeling techniques [ 29 ].

We examined the constructs of the item fatigue scale in a sample of chronic fatigue syndrome patients through principal components analysis, followed by correlations with measures of subjective and objective cognitive performance, physiological measures of strength and functional work capacity, depression, anxiety, and subjective sleep difficulties.

Traditional CFA has been criticized for being overly restrictive in fixing all cross-loadings to zero [ 14 ].

Open in a separate window. In general, the results match with the findings of previous studies [ 813 ].

Exploratory structural equation modeling: