Carmina Priapea IntraText: testo integrale, concordanze e liste di frequenza – The IntraText Carmina Priapea: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [9] Within the large Priapea collection Carmina Priapea, the poems are ordered so as to lead to Priapus experiencing sexual problems and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Poetics Of The ‘carmina Priapea’ | This dissertation is on the Carmina Priapea (CP). The CP is a collection of 80 Latin.

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Nor that any bear away in the night-time lust-exciting rockets, and fragrant mint with healthy rue, pungent onions and fibrous garlic.

Thou shalt be bardashed,[1] thief, for the first theft; and if twice caught, I will irrumate thee. He Is said to pervade the universe with the motion of his wings, bringing pure light, and thence to be called ‘the splendid, carminq self-illumined, the ruling Priapus’.

My form Praxiteles nor Scopas hewed; To me no Phidian handwork finish gave; But me a bailiff hacked from shapeless log, And quoth my maker, ‘Thou Priapus be! There appear to be 5 groups of 14 poems each. Hereat a neighbour’s bitch incontinent comes– Led by the savour of the smoke, I ween– And gobbling all that offering to my yard Atones by lusting through the livelong night.

Females as superstitious as they were lascivious might be seen offering in public to Priapus as many garlands as they had had lovers. The poet commemorates the three goddesses, Diana, Vesta and Minerva, whose perpetual virginity knew no man. The first fourteen poems alternate between elegiac couplets and hendecasyllables. Donec proterva nil mei manu carpes, licebit ipsa sis pudicior Pdiapea. Pedicabere, fur, semel; sed idem si deprensus eris bis, irrumabo. Martial writes, ‘Lesbia swears that she has never been futtered gratis.

Who could believe ’tis a shameful confession!

Priapeia – Wikipedia

Thou who wickedly designest, and scarce forbearest from robbing my garden, shall be sodomised with my twelve-inch fascinum [phallus]. Tydeus was of more service, who, if Homer is to be believed, was warlike in nature, puny in stature. Instead of saying ‘ praedico ‘, meaning ‘I warn you not to trespass’, he lisps and says ‘paedico’, meaning ‘I am sodomising you’. An fro’ me woman shall prispea or plunder me man or a man-child, She shall pay me with coynte, that with his mouth, this with arse.


Reason–a trip of the tongue! Burton, in his paper read before the Anthropological Society on ‘Certain Matters connected with the Dahoman’, describes the Dahoman Priapus as ‘a clay figure of any size between a giant and the pigmy, crouched upon the ground as if contemplating its own attributes.

Classics in the News. The Priapeianow for the first time literally and completely translated into English verse and prose, is a collection of short Latin poems in the shape of jocose epigrams affixed to the statues of the god Priapus. Quid frustra quereris, colone, mecum, quod quondam bene fructuosa malus autumnis sterilis duobus adstem? Juvenal relates how the Empress Messalina was accustomed in disguise to visit a brothel at night, and borrowing her cell from Lycisca, one of the courtesans, to show such capability carminaa the work that she exhausted all who cared to visit her, and returned to the palace in the early morning, still raging with unsatisfied lust.

You see how mightily my rage ye rouse Who hem me ever with a bullfinch hedge Forbidding robbers from approaching me.

Priapeum non est: A Reconsideration of Poem 61 in the Carmina Priapea

What shouldest say this spear although I’m wooden be wishing Whenas a maiden chance me in the middle to kiss? Heather Elomaa Poem 61 of the Carmina Priapea stands out as a poem that, at first glance, defies the generic norms of the priapeum: Thunders priapa under Jove; with prapea trident weaponed is Neptune; Forceful is Mars with brand, spear, O Minerva, is thine; Liber engages in carmmina, confiding on sheaflets of Thyrsi; By th’ Apollinean hand shafts they assure us are shot; Hercules’ right is armed with the club that cannot be conquer’d; But a distended yard makes me an object of awe.

A damsel drier than the raisin’d grape, Warmer than boxwood or than virgin wax, Who pismires clustering on her every limb Maketh a bulky-corpulent folk appear; One whose unopened bowels through her skin The Tuscan wizard can at will prospect; One who like rotten pounce so lacking juice None ever saw her with a slavering lip; One whom for blood her arteries within To have sand or sawdust differing leeches deem– Such one to visit me anights is wont Bringing with ghostly leanness ghastly hue; Whist I like island iron-forger seem To rub and rasp me on a lanthorn’s horn.

The earliest extant Priapic poem in Latin no. But if you would pleasure me still more, loosen your gathered tresses, and with your hair flowing like waves, give me loving embraces. In was published Priapeia sive diversorum poetarum in Priapum lusus aliaquae incertorum poemata emendata et explicata. I will see him not. Hoc sceptrum, quod ab arbore est recisum, catmina iam poterit virere fronde, sceptrum, quod pathicae petunt puellae, quod quidam cupiunt tenere reges, cui dant oscula nobiles cinaedi, intra viscera furis ibit usque ad pubem capulumque coleorum.


Whenever I speak, one word slips me; for, talking with a lisp, I always say instead of praedico, paedico! In the comedy of the Acharniansby Aristophanes, one of the characters in the play says, ‘Come forward carmima little, Canephoros, and you, Xianthias, slave, place crmina Phallus erect. Carminz D Te priaepa for the anus to be cleaved by the mentule. The god is represented as a Hermes on a square pedestal, with the usual characteristic of the deity, a prominent Phallus.

Although they appear in early editions of Vergil, and are attributed to cwrmina writer by J. Prizpea Aristagoras of his grapes high-pedigree’d boasting Apples moulded in wax giveth, O Godhead, to thee: And now it is time for farewelling my friends. There is little valid reason for our aversion; the rhythm has been made familiar to our ears cxrmina long courses of Greek and Latin and the rarity of spondaic feet is assuredly to be supplied by art and artifice.

I will this book should laugh throughout and jest, And be more wicked than are all the rest, And sweat with wine, and with rich unguents flow, And sport with carina, and with the wenches too; Nor by periphrasis describe that thing That common parent whence we all do spring; Which sacred Numa once a prick did call.

Is Diana wont to bear her quiver secretly? Through the middles of lads and girls will my mentule make its way; those bearded ’twill not attack save at the height. It was painted red.

The earliest Greek poets, as Homer and Hesiod, do not mention this divinity, and it was only in later times that he was honoured with divine worship.