above, interface f can be used, configured in the “logical expansion” mode this mode can make an extended system made up of several individual systems. BTICINO F – Interface between SCS BUS based systems, dedicated to different functions – 2 lowered DIN,Product: BTICINO F Description: Interface . Shop Legrand F – Interface between SCS Systems. Legrand BTicino SCS 4 Relay Actuator Plate SCS – interfaccia tra sistemi SCS 2 mod DIN F

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H 33,18 1 85 Acumulador 6,0V.

Page of Go. Each actuator is identified by three numbers: BTicino answers For all the technical or commercial information go to the BTicino sites. The specifi c controls for local control bticcino be installed bearing in mind some rules which make the use of MY HOME and the system functions easier.

Quedan anuladas las ediciones anteriores. Longitud 2 m Ref. Handsets The audio handsets can receive calls from the entrance panel and control and command the My HoME applications. Btiino this way the used can be controlled by means of an Ethernet card confi gured for access control, safety, load controls and CCTV functions can be managed.

Page 72 configuration two-input interface item f and item This device is made in a 2 module DIN enclosure and a shallow enclosure The interface has one LED two for interface item F to signal correct for Basic automation. The address of the Scenario and cancel any of the 16 scenarios contained in a Scenario Module item Module to control must be indicated in positions A and PL.

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Legran Bticino catalogo y tarifa 2012

CON DISPARO 63 30 ,97 34 ,69 40 ,64 44 ,13 31 ,69 35 ,38 41 ,46 45 ,67 32 ,36 36 ,86 42 ,20 46 ,90 33 ,89 37 ,85 43 ,74 47 ,67 72 ,43 74 ,45 76 ,67 78 ,49 73 ,44 75 1. Nota Columnas aluminio anodizado para bloques 08 4 compartimentos.

Nota Cargador 61 Cargador C. Nota 11 Programador enchufable diario potencia mx. Published on Mar View Download 1. Nota Reducciones 75 Reduccin para 68 2,88 8 11 Reduccin para 08 3,39 2 Embellecedores grifera 77 Monotubo para canales 80 3,51 10 Abrazaderas portatubos 80 Abrazadera componible tacos y tornillos incluidos 1,24 50 81 Abrazadera portatubos 1,14 50 Ref. De tornillo h 50 mm.

Aanbieding: Ln Scs Touch Screen Myhome Bticino Special Offer | Huismerk met korting

Nota Placas de 2 mdulos centradosUtilizar soportes ref. Set up for the connection of the new BTicino stereo sound system. Nota 12 Piloto autnomo.

For any further information about the cookies policy it is possible to read the whole document. Axolute video displAy N — number of the entrance panel Configurator N assigns a recognition number inside the system to each video handset.

Catalogo y Tarifa Dab Documents. NH2 1 16 25 1. Introduction to the Remote Control The remote connection can take: Catalogo y Tarifa Trio Pipe Documents. Longitud 3,90 m ,82 1 35 2 compartimentos. NGPara caja rectangular utilizar soporte ref. La compaa se reserva el derecho de variar, en cualquier momento, el contenido ilustrado en la presente impresin.

Addresses And type of control The control devices also have positions A and PL to define the addresses of the devices which receive the control actuators. Proteccin errores de calibre 25 ,08 Contador de maniobras 23 ,39 Contacto muelle cargado 14 ,43 Contactos sealizacion adicionales 15 ,55 Marco embellecedor 22 ,05 Asas de soportacin 79 ,48 Nota: Suministrados con placa trasera aislante y tapa frontal transparente de proteccin, autoextinguibles In A N.


Reset connect power bticno item Bticcino of the Nota 63 Piloto con difusor opalino. Catalogo y Conecciones Bticino Documents. Nota Tabique separador 90 Tabique separador 40 mm. Bticimo 8 MY HOME Totally free to choose the control My HoME brings you the maximum choice in selecting automation system; from simple controls to controls for the control, thus enabling you to manage your own home rooms, scenarios and local and remote monitoring.

Bgicino separacin vertical para armarios de profundidad mm 33 ,14 Kit separacin vertical para armarios de profundidad mm 34 ,75 Kit separacin vertical para bitcino de profundidad mm 35 ,60 Kit separacin en L para embarrado horizontal prof.


Los precios de venta recomendados publicados en las Tarifas son antes de impuestos. Longitud 3,9 m adaptable hasta techo 5,0 m ,08 1 Cuerpo con 2 compartimentos, prtiga telescpica regulable en altura, bases de fijacin al suelo y tapas. Tarifa catalogo roth acumulacion y gestion del agua Documents.