Adjacent to Massell Quad, accommodates upperclass students in Brandeis’ new, state-of-the-art residence hall gets its name from the Ziv Quadrangle. Midyear students entering in January live in the Village Quad. Students entering as juniors or seniors may be housed in Charles River, the Village, or Ziv. The Village. Usdan Student Center. Usdan Student Center. Ziv – Junior Housing. Brandeis University. Home · Accessibility Version · Virtual Reality · Panoramas.

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Residence Halls

The CAs create and execute programs, address student concerns, and support the community when issues arise. Students are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms and common spaces within their suites.

Ziv has four Community Advisors CAs who engage resident in establishing active living and learning environments where each individual is invested in promoting the success and safety of all members of the community.

The AC supervises the CAs, manages the residence halls, and holds regular office hours in the community office. See All Residence Halls. All members of the midyear class are required to live on-campus unless they are commuting from home or living with a parent or guardian.

For that reason, we do not encourage roommate requests. Ziv residents live in six-person suites. Midyear students entering in January live in the Village Quad. It is important that you broaden your understanding of other regions and cultures and stretch beyond your comfort zone. While housing is not guaranteed, transfer students may receive housing on a rolling basis depending on availability.


All first-year students entering in the fall are assigned to either Massell or North. An important part of the university experience is meeting new people who are different from you and learning to communicate and form relationships with them.

Requests received after the deadline will still be accepted, but there may be a delay in reviewing the forms due to the volume of requests. Housing assignments and roommate information will be sent to Brandeis email addresses by mid-November.

Experience Brandeis University in Virtual Reality

Individual bedrooms range in size from approximately 80 to square feet, and each common room provides approximately square feet of shared space. Ziv is branndeis of six-person suites, each containing six single bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a common space. Transfer students are housed based on their entering class year.

Ziv is equipped with central air conditioning, laundry facilities in each building, and a central elevator in each of the four buildings. Priority is given to international and out-of-state students. Ziv Quad Located on the southern ridge of campus, Ziv Quad is home to many students from our junior and senior classes. Located on the southern ridge of campus, Ziv Quad is home to many students from our junior and senior classes.


Please submit the application by November 3, Each air-conditioned suite has six single bedrooms, a spacious common area and two private bathrooms. Named for Gladys and Sy Ziv, the Quad consists of four buildings: Information for First Year, Midyears and Transfers. Ziv shares an Area Coordinator ACa live-in full time professional staff member with an advanced degree, with Ridgewood. Fall and Spring semesters. A Medical Provider form pdf must also be submitted with proper documentation to either the Health Center or Brandeis Counseling Center depending on brandejs nature of the request.

Search Brandei Search this site. Search Search Search this site. First-year housing applications are due June 1.

Information for Fall housing applications will be available during the Spring semester. We are excited for you to join our community at Brandeis.

All students are assigned to either single or double rooms. First-year students are required to live on campus for their first year at Brandeis. Students who do not complete a housing application or request to commute will be assigned to on-campus housing.