Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition [Daniel Duchaine ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Diet Book for People. Billed as a diet plan for those who aren’t overweight, the Body Opus Diet strives to make normal people extraordinary, providing them with the. The Most Insane Diet that I Love! My all-time favorite diet – Body Opus! Body Opus, or as the book is officially called, Underground Body.

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The Workout Schedule Duchaine, outlines in the book that you should to two heavy lifting days early in the week, while you still have some carbs in your muscles, to get the most out of your weight training.

The Bodyopus Diet | Healthfully

After I carb loaded over the weekend, this Monday morning I weighed in at lbs. This blog will be short and sweet, as I am just going to give you the results I got and give you a summary of my experience on Body Opus. At the same time, you start consuming more fats and slightly more protein.

I knock out my workout early in the morning but sometime around 10am to noon, my energy levels go south.

About Subscribe to Bodyophs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After a few weeks you should be leaner and more muscular. However, I want to cover this point so you know what to expect. So, I eat whatever I can get my kids to eat which mainly consists of carbs, melted cheese, carbs covered in sugar AKA — Donutsetc.

Then at 6pm, I started it all over again…zero carbs. Most famous for its cyclical Keto approach, the godyopus included a beginner and intermediate diet.

Get with a trainer at your local gym and get your body fat checked. If so let us know how you got on in the comments section! By Tuesday, this will start to throw your body into Ketosis, which is the state where your body is now running off stored body fat to run the brain, instead of carbs.


Sunday — Morning until 6pm — same as Saturday. All the reader had to do was divide their maintenance calories as follows. Her recommends the following workout schedule…. Immediately following this workout consume whey protein and carbs every two hours until bedtime. Learn more right here and give it a try. He says to do your first workout either on Sunday night or Monday. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you should be familiar with Dan Duchaine’s Body Opus diet.

Wednesday — No lifting or cardio. It would also become a book, that is still coveted by bodybuilders to this day. Plus, it is hard to eat the amount of fat you need to intake on this diet. Weight Fluctuation If you shop at my store on a consistence bases, you know I hate the weight scale. xiet

Body Opus: The Results | discountsportnutritiondenton

This is the busy time of year for us in the fitness industry and I am putting in a lot of hours. No, but a low level of body fat is attainable from these starting points. In the morning you will still follow the no-carbohydrate regimen. Make sure to take this with food. Glucose stored in your muscles is called glycogen. However, I will tell you that the amount of weight I typically use in the gym for each exercise, increased across the board with no issues.

So, here is how your typical Body Opus week will go as you transition into and out of Ketosis…. You can also have a very limited amount of cheese The only crunchy thing you can have are pork rinds but not the flavored ones…while those say 0 carbs on the bag, the flavored ones still have sugar in them. Glycogen is simply glucose stored in muscle.


Boduopus only carry named brand supplements at wholesale prices. Also, when ketone levels are high enough, muscles will use them as fuel rather than glucose or fatty acids. LoopSte Denton, TX Dedicated to those seeking visible abs, striated glutes and boulder deltoids. Here is what I mean…if you are an active person, say a UPS driver…you are going to be using up a bunch of ketos so you may not test positive on the strips as being in ketosis.

The first part of the book talked a lot about the different types of steroids and their pros and cons. The foods you will eat for most of the week are high in fat dket protein. That is one of the things I loved about Body Opus.

However, when we got home at 7: Ketosis, as will be achieved in the first part of the Body Opus diet, causes glycogen to be temporarily depleted.

Energy level is great and I siet no cravings for carbs.

How To Use The Body Opus Diet!

I am constantly working, not only physically in my retail store, but I am constantly looking into new products for the store, new promotions to offer my customers, putting together marketing ideas, etc. Adenosine Triphosphate is the compound that fuels all movement in the human body, including lifting heavy weights to build or maintain muscle. Nutritionally, Tuesday is exactly the same as Monday. This was something that Duchaine himself acknowledged.

Well, since you are not consuming carbs on Body Opus, there are no ups or downs.