Homeland meets Marie Lu’s Legend in Blackout, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie called “a thrilling combination of Wells’s trademark . This page digital original novella introduces readers to Blackout, a series by acclaimed author Robison Wells that combines the high-stakes intensity of t. Blackout. Robison Wells. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – October 03, After three weeks of nonstop terrorist attacks.

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I loved the characters, the mystery, and the suspense.

» Blackout by Robison Wells

RA Posters may be freely used. I didn’t connect with them or understand why they were doing what they were doing.

Is it a war story? It is the same for Blackout. At least, the action part was well robiskn. I really liked Audrey as a character, mainly because she was flawed. In the beginning, while the two groups are still together, the second group of teens Alec, Laura and Dancommits unspeakable acts of violence without any real reason or justification.

Laura and Alec are a great contrast between right and wrong; is what they’re fighting for worth the cost? Molli October 1st, Jack and Aubrey are high school students. Recaptains is the only site you’ll ever need when you forget what happens in a series. The characters were also fairly interesting though the narrative switches were sometimes sloppy. But when the first book of a series is so purposefully vague and confusing with boring characters to bootthat’s when I get weols.


Recaptains » Blackout by Robison Wells

There are no mentions of protests or anything, and there doesn’t seem to be any parents that question why their children weren’t returned. I’m sure many people will come to fall in love with this book, unfortunately for me; it did not awe me as I had expected. Blacklut Read Your Bookcase. I could see these exact things happening in such a situation sorry, I’m being vague so I don’t spoil anythingand I loved the details: The amount that I enjoyed this was definitely out of character for me see what I did there?

It had great aspects, but I just didn’t understand what it was blaclout about.

I honestly wasn’t completely sold on the romance, just because there wasn’t that much chemistry between Jack and Audrey, but since it was more of a minor subplot than anything else, I wasn’t too bothered by it. The storyline is solid and the plot moved at a quick pace. The powers come with a price, generally a physical ailment, Aubrey especially developed into a strong and nuanced character.

Sep 01, Naoms rated it liked it. Nov 18, Dylan rated it really liked it. If someone gets too rowdy, strong streams of water are turned on from the ceiling and pelt everyone painfully, not just the offending party.


Review: Blackout by Robison Wells | Xpresso Reads

Working in a group, the trained teenagers also each happen to blacklut a special power that aids them in their deeds of terror. This book felt very X-Men-esque. Amy Book Loving Mom October 5th, Asti Oh, The Books!

Wells did an exceptional job with this ending. I was really hoping I’d like this but there’s nothing to like to be honest.

Review: Blackout by Robison Wells

Jack and Aubrey are high hlackout students. The problem is robisom when I started thinking about the different elements of the book in detail, things just didn’t hold up. April 18th, 16 23 Apr 25, The two sets of teenagers meet up later in the novel amidst turmoil in the country. The only way to fight terrorist teens with super powers is to recruit other terrorist teens with super powers. I’ve stated the major problems of the novel though, and I guess that’s enough to either make you want to try it or not.