Homeland meets Marie Lu’s Legend in Blackout, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie called “a thrilling combination of Wells’s trademark twi. Laura and Alec are trained terrorists. Jack and Aubrey are high school students. There was no reason for them to ever meet. But now, a. Blackout. Robison Wells. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – October 03, After three weeks of nonstop terrorist attacks.

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Jessica Oh yes there is a hint of romance where a guy and girl become bf and gf. Can someone take him out already? No compensation was given or taken to alter this review. Bethzaida bookittyblog October 1st, At the beginning, Audrey isn’t the best person.

ShootingStarsMag October 2nd, Is it a sci-fi genetic engineering story? Just, not sure, something didn’t do it for me to shout to the heavens about this book. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Blackout Series

I thought it was pretty neat cover at first. Lists with This Book. Laura and Alec are a great contrast between right and wrong; is what they’re fighting for worth the cost? Actual rating – 3. Sure, there is probably never going to be a virus that gives teenagers X-Men like superpowers, but this scenario can still help us to think about things like personal freedom, the limits of government, and how we respond to and treat those that are different from us.


Just like the mutant virus, fan appeal will quickly spread. This war which is lead by teenagers in small groups doing terrorist-like attacks all over the country.

How was it created? We never really know why the terrorist terrorise or where the disease came from etc.

But Roison suppose I can see part of her story, view spoiler [considering that she mostly did it so Nat wouldn’t tell everyone about her invisibility.

The audience, however, knows nothing of his mother, why she is a catalyst for him, or why he goes berserk when he hears that they hit Chicago.

My expectations were really high because I really liked Variant and Feedback. But in the end I still don’t know what this book was trying to be.

There are too many questions left hanging at the end of this one, mainly dealing with the terrorist group, and they need to be tied up quickly.

I blazed through this novel in wwells few hours and immediately wanted to know more. I felt so distant from their characters because we never truly learned why they terrorize in the first placeand I found myself wanting some answers in that regard.

Sep 01, Naoms rated it liked it. But as I read it I thought, would teens today even question it if the government came in and rounded them all up as they do in this book? Another small annoyance was how randomly, between random paragraphs, we’d get some sort of journal entry from an anonymous person complaining about something or someone of irrelevance.


Blackout (Blackout, #1) by Robison Wells

It’s good to see that not every YA writer uses the first person present narrative style, which gets annoying after a while. Dells 29, Ryelor rated it really liked it.

Together, they work as a team to demolish Blakcout monuments and important infrastructures. Inevitably, it ends on a cliffhanger, and a massive one. I really liked both Jack and Aubrey and will happily follow them into another book. A huge disappointment, but I’m still planning on reading the sequel.

» Blackout by Robison Wells

And these four are about to find their lives intertwined in a complex web of deception, loyalty, and catastrophic danger—where one wrong choice could trigger an explosion that ends it all. It seemed poorly thought out and… oddly disrespectful. My only issue with Blackout is that it is coming out at the end of a year when there have already been a lot — and I do mean A LOT — of books that involve teen characters that have some robiison of X-Men like abilities.

We don’t know who they are or how their group can to be. Great premise, but meh world building.