Download the books and embark on this journey of discovery. Dom Casmurro Machado de Assis’ novel is one of the most important works in Brazilian. Dom Casmurro is an novel written by Brazilian author Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis. . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. 23 jul. Dom Casmurro. Wikisource Casmurro por Machado de Assis de Assis. Existe na Wikipédia um artigo relacionado com Dom Casmurro.

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Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Surely, that is an exaggeration. There he meets Escobar, who becomes his best friend. Early on, you’ll think this is a love story.

That’s the notion that the new expression put in my head. The memories of a sad and painful past made him a person of few friends. Machaco 01, Isabel rated it really liked it Shelves: Authors Titles contact us.

I can only imagine, if this book will be chosen for book discussion of any of the groups here in goodreads, there could be disagreements that could naixar to war, which can only be settled in peace if Machado de Assis resurrects he died in or if, magically, his characters in this novel come to life and answer our questions.


Surely, you don’t mean to tell me you almost poisoned your son? I still ponder this. Create account or Sign in.

Dom Casmurro – Wikisource

And then I was listening to the story, so amusing, so self-effacing, when I was a little taken aback. It is written as a fictional memoir by a distrusting, jealous husband, the narrator, however, is not a reliable conveyor of the story as it is a dark comedy.

Bento noticed a great sadness in Capitu. Discussion for Dom Casmurro 17 36 Mar 16, How can a book published in seem so contemporary in style and content?

Dom Casmurro (Unabridged)

This insecurity was undoubtedly the triggering event of suspicion of adultery that marred his life. The narrator is unreliable, and we as readers know how interesting they could be. However, the book’s composition for me is like this: They go together perfectly. Never before in reading any novel have I ever felt so much a character IN the novel. It only remained to say the new Mass, in a Latin that no one learns, and that is the catholic language of all men.

It doesn’t help that my average reviewer persona emulates de Assis’ narrator to such an incessant degree albeit with more cursing on my partso the bias, whichever direction it runs, is there. I am “dear Lady.

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View all 4 comments. Love ranks highly in this novel, surpassed only by the jealousy which often goes with it, and here Machado appears as a master of the novelistic form, uniting, betraying and ultimately disbanding his small collection of characters with confident ease.


Yes, Bentinho appears wicked, funny and loves to withhold his machao just to reveal them when you least expect. There is no crime to solve.

Indeed, Dom Casmurro could have been written yesterday. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Achei a prosa de Machado de Assis cativante, com uma maneira de jogar com as palavras que xom torna muito harmoniosa. If it reminds you of Othello or Madame Bovary, you are not too far off the mark. The novel is a memoir told in the first person by Bento or Bentinho, aka Dom Casmurro, his story of enduring love mafhado with Capitu.

Which just might make it the first novel to depict OCD: Dom Casmurro is about a lifelong love affair in which one person betrays the other; the mystery is who has done the betraying. Machao then decides to write an autobiographical book as narrated his memories trying to relive the past.

Discussion for Dom Casmurro.