Apocalypse War Zone has 10 ratings and 2 reviews. Fabian said: Very Ultramarines. Much Necrons. The Ultramarines get the most attention. Apocalypse Warzone: Damnos – English Information. The Ultramarines return to the planet Damnos where Captain Sicarius was defeated by the Necrons to. Caleb with White Metal Games here and I have a product review for Damnos, Apocalypse War Zone. Since Damnos dropped at the same time.

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Apocalypse War Zone: Damnos, hardback supplement for Warhammer 40,000

dsmnos No i’m completely in agreement with you, and to be honest the victory here wouldn’t have been so bad if the Ultramarines had at least earned it. While this could have been a very interesting take on the potential way the Imperium handles paocalypse of its defeats, or even using the Ultramarines chapter as a propaganda tool, no risks are taken.

Page 35 has a few simple yet evocative rules for terrain on a Damnos table.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Other offers may also be available. Many aspects which were a staggering success in the Imperial Armour volumes were carried over to here, from the narrative focus of the books to the greater emphasis upon certain characters and individual forces. It’s one sided as all hell and none of really reads as if it’s been earned by the apofalypse characters.

Apocaylpse and the Warhammer 40, rulebook. The new formations are interesting, the new rules are helpful, and it has a few nice pieces damnoos art. Subject to credit approval. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Here there’s none of that. When the tables are turned however and the Ultramarines return in force, that same treatment isn’t given to the necrons.

Apocalypse: War Zone Damnos – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Warhammer Shield of Baal Exterminatus Hardcover. The second part of this that really bothered me, is a Dynasty isn’t just one planet, it’s many, one of the other Necron Lords is going to fill the power vacuum, and come back to get Damnos if the Phaeron’s conciousness wasn’t transferred outand they’re not likely to make the same mistakes twice.


If you take the Spear of Maccrage formation, you can upgrade your Land Raider to a Terminus Ultra the one with all the lascannons to free. Under this auspice I would have assumed the first mission of the book, the Battle of the Necropolis, would have been a mission about the original Battle of Damnos itself, perhaps heavily apocaljpse in the favor of the Necrons, or at least with some special rules about the marines being unprepared or something like that.

What the zons mentality is for offering a book for a short time only is beyond me. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. See all gomythic has no other items for sale. Seller information gomythic The humanizing element doesn’t bother me too much though I like it better when it makes it clear that they’re still very alien to us.

Apocalypse War Zone: Damnos

A brief introduction or even just a two page retelling of the frantic evacuation would have been fine, but instead what’s given is effectively a complete retelling of Fall of Damnos and little else. Waar fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The final 20 or so pages of the book feature new Apocalypse Formations for either side.

The only truly successful ones were led by the Ultramarines, under whose “superior” leadership other chapters emerged victorious few to no casualties. Cully rated it it was ok Nov 03, Santa Cruz, California, United States.

DAMNOS: Apocalypse Warzone Review – Bell of Lost Souls

Attacked by massive numbers of necrons, the Second Company showed up, successfully delayed the xenos for far longer than anyone would have guessed, evacuated the entire population, and retreated with about half the company still alive. This item will ship to United Statesbut the seller has not specified shipping options.

That’s one threat where it’s better ear let the Necrons handle it, they’ve got a few things that can cage it until they can find a way to rebind it usually by throwing it into another dimension temporarily, then bringing it back out in another Tesseract Vault, or they can presumably break it once morebut what’s the Imperium going to do, throw it into the warp again?

Games Workshop; First Edition edition Language: The third thing that bugged me is Kelly completely forgot about the Canoptek On page 40 we get nine wag Apocalupse Strategic Asset cards and on page 41 we get three new Finest Hours. This one I wouldn’t mind if it looked like they fortified everything against the anticipated Necron counter-attacks, but I don’t think they did, it looks like they just returned everything to how it was before the Tomb World activated and left.


Harlequins HC Warhammer 40k. You want to know what the premise for this one is? It causes the same damn problem as before, as recycling so much just makes this look like a cheap cash grab and rather than making the reader feel excited or anticipating some new story, it just makes it look as if the publisher cut corners. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

David rated it liked it May 24, Refresh and try again. Then we have a few pages of painted models. Space Marines, it was pulling out all the stops to show the Ultramarines effectively doing the impossible and holding them back. Crusade of Fire was hit or miss with the masses. Space Marines, the closest the Mary Sue brigade was given to a defeat was successfully evacuating from one world. Friday, 3 October Warzone: This is an honest to goodness supplement for the Apocalypse rule set.

In the Fifth Edition Codex: No additional import charges at delivery! It’s effectively a daemon’s worst nightmare, something they cannot hope to properly harm which has been let in through their front door, will never tire, never truly wear down daknos exploits their major vulnerability.

Mark rated it it was amazing Nov 07, ComiXology Znoe of Digital Comics. Apparently if the Pylon is destroyed then a model with a Str 6 or higher can use the Pylon as a gun emplacement with the interceptor rule. See other items More Obviously the poster boys for 40k are going to hog all the glory and get all the attention.

Not a bad War Zone book.