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The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP TM) and may be further elaborated for the purposes of 3GPP. The present document has not been subject to any approval process by the 3GPP Organisational Partners and shall not be implemented. Retrieved from archive/33_series// zip 3rd Generation Partnership Project. (). Counteracting envisaged 3G.

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Thus, the wireless communication module may be used to implement a GBA-push process.

USA1 – Enhanced Key Management For SRNS Relocation – Google Patents

Moreover, having one or more interfaces between M2M application s and a card on the device, such as a UICC, is very difficult. The identifier is generated by the authentication component. The method may further comprise receiving at the first node, after relocation of the mobile terminal from the third node 3ypp the first node, information from the mobile terminal about the key management capabilities of the mobile terminal.

At step 92 the node may receive information about the key management 3g;p of the mobile terminal—this may be transmitted by either the mobile terminal or by the third node. Communication41 7pp. Cluster Computing5 2pp.

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For example, the OMA Device Management 33012 GBA Push for securing a message between a client and a DM server, and there is no explanation of how a similar architecture could be used or even modified for managing the device. Second, the service provider may be likely to want strong 33120 e. However, these mechanisms all require that the new key is generated by another network node, the so-called Mobility Management Entity MMEand will therefore not be discussed further.

The first data object may comprise, for example, data that would enable the M2M device for example, a user equipment, UE to derive a shared secret the security information that is shared with the NAF.


Since session mobility provides that an ongoing multimedia session is transferred from one device to another, a new security problem is raised, i. Accessing a SIM card to obtain configuration information by a remote embedded communication module.

In Proceedings of the fifth international symposium on Information processing in sensor networks, pages TECHNICAL FIELD The invention relates to methods that allow a node to 3gpp information about the capabilities, for example key management capabilities of a corresponding node for example a node serving a mobile terminal may maintain information about the key management capabilities of the mobile terminal. This means that it is necessary to protect the key s stored and used in the base station.

The communication in step j may be an http digest message so that http digest authentication may be executed. Accordingly, GBA Push cannot be used with an arbitrary application protocol. General Versions Responsibility Related. Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems.

US20160226828A1 – Communicating with a machine to machine device – Google Patents

Upper Saddle River, NJ: When the mobile terminal is relocated to a second node, if, and only if, said key management capabilities indicate an enhanced key management 3g;p supported by the mobile terminal, the first node modifies the first key, thereby creating a second key which is sent from the first node to the second node. The method of claim 331102further comprising including the information in one or more signalling messages relating to completion of the relocation of the mobile terminal from the third node to the first node.

IEEE Computer35 10 Alternatively, the security module may use the verification data object via an interface that it terminates, for example to protect communication with a BSF. System and method for performing handovers, or key management while performing handovers in a wireless communication system.


By using multiple selected features, the discriminating region can be determined and provides a confident motion reference 3gppp homogeneous region tracking to overcome the motion ambiguity, which the traditional correlation coefficient measurement is extremely suffered from. At step 91 the node may send, to the mobile terminal, information about the key management capabilities of the node—so that the mobile terminal is made aware that it is being relocated to an RNC that is an updated RNC since a legacy RNC would not send this information.

IMS enables and enhances real-time multimedia mobile services. Apparatus, method and computer program product providing secure distributed HO signaling for 3. Therefore, the interface application a may terminate the Ub interface at the UE and the security module b may interface with the USIM or SIM application on the UICC in order to obtain the material it requires to derive the shared secret.

3GPP Specification Search Engine for 2006-03 R1999/R4/R5/R6/R7

This is particularly 3ypp on simpler devices, as these devices may have minimal public key support or implementation errors when handling certificates. Ascheuer, “Hamiltonian path problems in the on-line optimization of flexible manu-facturing systems,” Ph. The augmented cube is a variation of hypercubes, which possesses some properties superior to the hypercubes. PCs, laptops, Wi-fi-only tablets etc.

System and method for secure and convenient management of digital electronic content. The method may further be used in conjunction with LWM2M, as described above. In HDMmodel, J48 and logistic regression are used to derive the decision tree and regression function from the given dispensing error cases and drug database.